Superstars of Magic Busker’s Festival

So as you might or might not know, I’ve been based up in Genting for the past week to help out with the Superstars of Magic busker’s Festival.

Genting weather has been, hmm well it has yet to disappoint because it was really Genting weather(By that I mean cold mountain weather)!!

Been so busy with helping the organizing of the performance I barely have time for anything else.

However, still manage to capture a few photos with the buskers, and some photos that made me pretty happy

My lanyard

and our very own CREW shirt!

With the anonymous brothers

Look at the crowd Nickey Has got for himself!

Yanika’s Hula routine

and of course my most looked forward to moments of the day,
The morning balloons!
Aaron and Bryan, both our balloon artist were super nice enough to make me different balloons each day.
My fav has to be this fat butterfly balloon I got from Aaron!
Super super love

“Imma fat fat butterfly…but I can fly of course”

And the performance I could not get sick of even watching it after a gazilllion times
Def major in love with contact juggling now.
Hiro’s Contact Juggling. Superbly amazing skills!

Def gonna steal tips off him for the next week!

The buskers are gonna be in Genting till the 15th of August, so make sure if you have a chance, come up to Genting and catch them perform live!


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