I admit, I’m addicted

I guess there’s never a good excuse being addicted to anything for that matter but hey

at least I’m honest about it

Well for starters,

I’m addicted to tea.

This is perhaps my fav tea.
Crème de la crème box tea I got from Chapels on Whatley Street, Perth

Well, I’m always a sucker for packaging so pretty tea wares are a must

best those that are transparent or the vintage sets. I’m crazily obsessed over it. They are perfect for photoshoots or just a random pick me up.

Love pretty things.

A scarf I got from Vicky as a gift. I love love love the details=) It’s super super pretty.

I like things that sparkles and glow

Pretty fairy light jar I bought in West Leedy. Runs on solar light too=D so it’s all eco friendly.

And well, my must.

Pretty heels.

Well Im addicted to sweet desserts!

They say we girls have a 2nd stomach for sweet stuff, I def would second that statement=p

Well thanks for this far to the post!
Now it’s your turn!
What are your addictions,
and if you can’t be bothered blogging about it,
leave a comment below=D

Finally back from Genting.
Felt like I’ve been up there for ages!
With the raya holiday and all I feel like I’ve been slacking heaps on blogging

Tonight’s Belverdere and Elevate for this weekend!
I’m actually quite looking forward to Elevate
Let me know if you guys are heading there too!

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