WB150F Camera Review

So For the month of August I’ve had a new camera to play with!

As you might have seen on some of the photos I’ve posted on Facebook,
Some of the photos are posted via Samsung Camera.
Yes, I’m happy to announce that I have a new Temporary member adding to my collection of cameras!

Presenting ze WB150F Camera!

The main highlight for this camera is that it is a Smart Camera with WIfi, and it allows you to edit and upload your pictures onto social media platforms right away! So don’t have to wait for those photo sharing moments=D

Hence the tagline,

Shoot Now, Share WOW

This saves the whole trouble of the whole
Hey upload the photo!!! Oh but wait, I wanna edit the photos before uploading them onto facebook scenarios

I”m usually not so much of a person that goes really into the details of the specs and what not,
I’m just more curious and concern about the scenes/modes and filter a digital camera would have.
This to me is far more important because I do like to have some fun when taking my photos.

OH before that, I should mention about the battery life. If you aren’t of a heavy user of a camera, generally the battery will last a few days easily!

So first thing first, the exterior of the camera.
Sleek, def much lighter than my Briyani(my DSLR) and Popcorn(MY semi D) so I’m generally pretty happy to pop it into my bag to carry it around. It’s much easier as well because it doesn’t occupy much of my bag space.

DO keep in mind that there are no photo edits to all the shots below unless mentioned.
So normal day/night shots

With Sui Ying Indoor with minimal daylight

Under the sun shots

Indoor with Tungsten lights

Night scene without flash

I’m actually really happy with the night photos it takes. Isn’t too noisy( The takoyaki photo was taken at night)

So I bet by now you guys prolly are interested with what other settings and functions they’ve got on the camera.

Cross filter for pretty pretty lights (This one is superly pretty)

Took this photo under the Dawn scene setting. Gives the photo such a antique feel

Minature mood

These are from the spilt image settings.

It looks like its from one photo itself but it’s actually not.(it’s just because the wall colors are similar.
Here’s a better photo to help you get a better idea

See how in the middle it’s actually just a combination of both photos? I reckon they manage to merge the photo really well!

and then they’ve got the picture in picture mode, where you can capture a picture in a picture so you can go all creative with the photos you want

Some more fun ones
Hello roast duck on magazine


No Doraemon, you are not gonna kiss me

Old film

No, not even for camera sake

Soft Focus

No NO NO, not in your dreams or even with Fish(yes the lion’s name is Fish) is around!

SO what do I like best about this camera?

well,It has got to be the night photo shots.
Honestly love the flash since it’s something you can adjust.
The brightness of the flash, which I like the most during night photography has got to be slow sync.
Doesn’t wash me out, vibrant colors and most importantly, I don’t loook like a bloody zombie in the photos

The editing program is also really cool.
I took this photo at Belverdere and actually uploaded it on the spot!(added the watermark via photoshop after)

For girls, they have this really cool beauty scene that makes your skin pretty super flawless=p

And one of my perhaps Wow this is pretty cool moments,
The artistic brush under the scene button.
Sorry about the landscape format, have no idea how to rotate it back on flickr.

just love watching this!

So the final result

In general, I think this would be my on the go camera. The one that does pretty much everything and you can upload it straight to your Facebook without much hassle. Fun, def suitable for the people who are constantly looking for different effects for the camera.

I would use this camera as like the camera that I bring around with me everyday camera but for a photo enthusiast like me, there are still things that this camera cannot do to make me happy.
But all in all a good camera if you are looking for something to happily carry around with.

Hit the comment below button if you guys have any questions
Till then,

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