My skincare regime

So I attended the Elianto Event a few weeks back and was given a bunch of goodies*yay*!

Was honestly a little skeptic to use them at first because well I’ve never been a fan of the brand  and I’m usually a little cautious with new skincare as I’m generally pretty happy with the condition of my skin and I wouldn’t wanna risk using something new and well have breakouts.

Before Genting, I’m the type of person who doesn’t give much attention to my skincare regime, most the time I stick to my Origins Never a Dull Moment cleanser and about 3 times wash a week with that cleanser is sufficient to keep my skin in a healthy condition. But ever since my crazy long stay at Genting for Superstars, I’ve been looking for different alternatives to get my skin back to it’s original condition, have had so many breakouts and whiteheads due to the lack of clean bedsheets up there=.=

So anyways, since my last skincare regime wasn’t the best to helping rid whiteheads, I decided to give these a try

I usually cleanse my face using this brush I purchased in OZ

Super love love love this brush. I’m due for a new brush head so will have to pick that up when Im in OZ end of this month

The new organic hydra skincare launch, well from it’s name you can most likely tell focuses on their new water-based skincare products

Happily sitting above my sink

Each bottle contains awesome hydrating ingredients such as organic hydrosalinol which is to provide extreme moisture to the skin, hydrolysed collagen, well i’m quite sure I don’t have to explain that and for the scent the organic rose water, which is also known for it’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties. BTW did I mention the products all smell super amazing?

Anyways, out of everything they’ve given, my fav has got to be the gel cleanser

Gel Cleanser- RM43/150ML (what a steal!)

I’m usually a Origin’s Never a dull moment fan but this cleanser wins in so many level! Smells super good
It’s soap+oil free so you’ll feel super refreshed after the cleanse.
I never thought I’d be so inlove with it because well, like I said I’ve never really bothered using their products but def giving credits because it literally saved my skin from Genting(blasted dirty bedsheets)!

One of my other fav items in the whole series is the Moist Gel(as you can see from the pic)

It’s retailing at RM65/150ML and for the quality you get out of it, I def recommend it.
I have to admit I sometimes(in the past 2 weeks) skip the toner and serum step but I wouldn’t miss these 2 steps because I love how the skin feels after using the products

Also do keep in mind, I’m really lazy when it comes to skincare and it’s been awhile since I’ve actually used a cleanser to wash my face on a daily basis(sometimes I stick to just water) so yeah. Love them, def recommend them for those who are looking for something different for their skin care.

Speaking of which, one of the very interesting eyeliner they launched the other day

Defo new liquid eyeliner user friendly=D

My current nails

Leave a comment below if u want me to do a tutorial

Will be doing my August fav soon! I’m actually looking forward to that, been ages since I last did (supposingly monthly) fav blogpost!
Also will be changing my nails again tonight so till then=)

PS: Products were given as doorgifts but opinions are mine.

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