Little midmonth obsession

Well I know I’m suppose to do a monthly fav but It still didn’t made much sense to me. It’s way past August and September’s not over yet so I decided to do a small midmonth obsession post instead.

So the things I’ve been loving for the past 3 weeks in Sept hands down belongs to the following items

VS Noir Tease perfume. It’s such a sweet smelling perfume! I have a huge obsession for anything sweet. Absolutely in love with the packaging and how it has that lil pump thing for you to do the perfume spraying out bit

If you’ve read my previous post, you’d know I’ve started a new facecare regime. Well i’ve been using this product religiously for the past 3 weeks so I believe it deserves a spot here.

And yes, the ultimate obsession

My YSL lipstains
Was such difficult to get a hold of them(Coz they don’t sell it in Malaysia) Nelson was nice enough to pick up 2 of the lipstains from Taiwan for me and I managed to grab another one in the airport in Bangkok.
I’m not a fan of lipglosses. I’m a lipstick person anytime(says the 40 lipsticks that’s sitting in my makeup drawer) but I do like lipstains. Less application needed which is always a win.
These lipstains in my opinion have such amazing formulation. Once it dries on your lips it last for ages(even after you’ve had tea) and the colors are so so gorgeous.

Being the dark lipcolor lover, My fav color would have to be Fuschia Dore but I do usually reach for COrail Fauve as my daytime lipcolor.

Sigh, only if they were selling it here in Malaysia.

Anyways, that’s all for my fav items this midmonth

annnd I attempted something different this arvo.
Was watching some Taiwanese host shows about how some girls can look drastically different before and after makeup(esp with the eyelashes) so I decided, hey why not try and see how different I’d look.

I stop after applying the first set of lashes.
The lashes were thick and heavy it was blocking my eyesight!
It felt like(quoting Karmun) I had black caterpillars on my eyelashes

So verdict?

Oh I know I failed the mission but do leave a comment if you want to know more about how this makeup routine was done=)

ah well, till then guys! Enjoy your evening and well 2 more days to the weekends yay!’
and oh
show some support maybe? =D

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