Weekend road trip in Western Australia

As titled,

Throughout my years studying in Perth I’ve only been down south about 3 times(only coz of the long drive and the crazy expensive accommodation)

Anyways, it was Nate’s first time in Perth so we decided to bring him down south for the weekend(Thanks Tom for driving!)

Went to the usual vineyards and all, and drop by Howard Madfish to pick up my fav muscato(super yums) and then headed to a couple of my fav place.

We didn’t do heaps of sightseeing tours this time around coz we were a lil short on time and we wanted the trip to be more of a relaxing trip.

Canal rocks, well if you drive on caves road towards perth you’ll see the turning to it(Canal Rocks Road) and if you do , make time for this place because it’s just superbly breathtaking.

Nate being the curious cat decided to see what the ocean had to offer. How often can you actually see the seabed!

Doing some lil stunts to get to his desired destination

Yup, he found his spot alright! Was just at this spot for ages this guy!

But then again, how can you resist, with waters like this it was impossible not to fall in love!

We managed to catch the sunset, which was amazing because after that we did also manage to see whales! and it did 2 jumps too! Was so so lucky because we were just talking about how we wanted to pay to go whale watching but didn’t know what our chances were to actually see a whale(paying for the trip doesn’t guarantee you’d see a whale)

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Just stunning. I remember when Nate first saw this sight and he was just speechless!

I’m so happy that I actually got a chance to share my fav place with Nate! the climb was a little difficult( had the worst sandals for cliff climbing) but it was so worth it!

Anyways, time to head over to our villa!
This time around we decided to bunk in at Bunkers Bay Resort. Did some homework online before and saw heaps of good reviews for this one so we decided to spend our weekends here. And boy, were we in for a treat! The villa was beautiful! Spacious and had almost everything you’d require in the villa itself!

Ze reception

Our own Villa!

Living room

Kitchen(we made super yummy steak+mashed potatoes+salad for dinner that night)

I could stay in for days man!

The next day, we asked for a late checkout and decided to walk to the villa’s own private beach!

Some of the other villas on the way to the beach

Walked out and my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this.
The prettiest beach I’ve been to. The water was so clear it was unbelievable. I kept staring at the waves because you could literally see right through it and it was just super amazing.

Photo time=p

Even Nate(He can’t swim) couldn’t resist running towards the water

Yeah, pretty much how clear the water was!

And did I mention? We managed to see another whale this time round, 2 whales in 2 days, super blessed!

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