Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Media Launch!

So yes, it’s finally here!

Well I’ll just cut to the point because I know heaps of people would be pretty excited at what this lil darling can do.

Photo credits from Sui Ying(Thanks!)

So apart from the awesome stuff S3 can already do( I mean seriously, what else can you make a phone do?)

It already has the super high pixal for both front and rear cameras, a 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor(yes,awesome speed for a tablet), a 16GB memory with a external memory slot for those who always require more storage space and the super famouse HD Super AMOLED screen.

This lil darling has a 5.5 screen size, perfect for those who are constantly squiting their eyes complaining that the phone screen is too small.And with the Super AMOLED screen, you can safely say that it’s not your phones fault if the picture is blurred=p

AND a S Pen!

This lil pen will unlock all the magical features of what extra the note 2 can do

You can of course draw with it(it’s a pen)

Because of it being pressure sensitive, you can use this like howd you’d sketch it on a piece of paper. Perfect for those who are constantly in need of a piece of paper and pen.

Multitasking phones are always such a must!
So anyways, the note 2 allows you to do a pop up note so you can always jot down things whether whilst you are watching a move on your phone/phone call rather than going through that tedious, I-have-to-close-this-app before I can take a note procedure.

I know I’m a fan of printing out photos because
1) I get to keep the physical photos and post them up
2) I can write out notes at the back of the photo to when the photo was taken and where it was taken from.

Photo Note feature!
Well with the Note 2, you can actually write out notes on the back of the photos that you take from the Note 2 camera. Bringing back all those kodak moments ey=p

One shot that I’m pretty stoked about(the extremely pretty Deborah Henry) was haviving to take a photo with the gorgeous host.

and of course, a must photo

With the Note 2 itself=)

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind having one of these as they are pretty convi, and I’m pretty sold on the S-Pen to what it can actually do. I’m always a person of books and pen so if you tell me I can do the same with the tablet, I really wouldn’t mind having one of these(I after all have about 3 different notebooks=.=)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be available in Titanium Grey and Marble White on the 19th of October from your major local telco. Of course you can always buy it separately from their Elite Partners.
So who else’s getting it?=D

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