Coz we are to share the good things in life

OK! I’m super excited while typing this post,

Well to be really honest I wasn’t as stoked when I got the camera because I didn’t know how good the quality is but after 2 days with the camera


The Samsung NX1000, well I’ll be calling it Cotton from now on

Love how it looks, has a matte white finish that makes it looks SO classy!

Photos are taken using the camera without any editing(well apart from adding my watermark)

Went out for dimsum over the weekend with the family. This photo was taken in a low light condition(we were sitting in a corner table in the shop)

Ok, maybe writing this post with an empty stomach isn’t really a good idea. Had the famous Xiao Long Pau from Ding Tai Fung.

Using the beauty scene shot from the camera! Love love LOVE how it can remove all my dark circles and stuff without having it to go tru any photo processing on the computer!

A photo taken with daylight. Still can’t believe the photo is taken with such a compact camera. The colors are so true to the color I see in real life.

Taking good photos isn’t just what the camera can do.

This camera has got heaps and heaps of features, and well one of the reason to why I’ve been actually posting so many photos on facebook nowadays is because this camera has a build-in wifi function which allows you to upload the photo from the camera straight to Facebook!

Having this camera makes so much more sense than just taking a photo with first a camera, then your phone so you can upload it to Facebook.

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