No more to nude colors!

Friends and family who knows me would know that I
am absolutely obsessed about lipsticks.

Most the time, I hear comments like
“I don’t know, I don’t think that color would suit me very well”
“I don’t know which one to pick!”
and they usually end up going with very neutral colors. =.=

Well, if you’ve ever had a chance to go through my stash of lipsticks, you’ll realise that I have maybe a max of 3 lipstick of a nude-ish color. Everything else is usually bright colors or dark wine reds.

So continue reading on if you are looking for a new brighter color lipstick, or a lipstick as a gift to the special one or if you just generally like reading my post(yay).

I’ll start with the brighter color lipsticks and slowly go towards the dark wine colors.
Photos are taken using Cotton(read the side bar for more info)
And I’ve just applied on eyeliner and lashes. Nothing too fancy so I thought these lipsticks were still pretty good to go out with during the day(well this would be completely based on different individuals)
PS: I do apologize for the mostly same pose for my lipstick swatches.

Anyways, here I present you(after much swallowing of makeup remover after the reapplication of various lipsticks)

The lipstick colors that I’d recommend getting.

From Left to right: Mac Lustering, Lancome Rouge in Love 375B, Maybelline Fuschia.
These 3 colors are fairly similar so if you are considering to getting something along these color range these are the few lipsticks that I’d recommend getting.

Formulation wise: My fav amongst these 3 are actually the Maybelline ones. They are creamy and they last for a good time without drying your lips out, such win. For the price and the quality you get out of it. I def recommend them

Of course the other 2 also have great formulation, but if I really had to pick one to recommend, it’d be the Maybelline’s lipstick.


As you can tell the colors, Maybelline’s Fuschia Crystal was more like a bright pink with blue undertones and the rouge in love 375B was more towards a peachy undertone.

Then bear with me, photos of me using the lipstick
Mac’s Lustering

This is just a everyday pink color. It’s bright, but not over the top, fun and young. If you are looking for a lipstick you could wear just on a daily basis but don’t wanna look too dull, this would def be the color

Lancome Rouge in Love 375B

I personally think this is a very Hey I’m going out on a date lipstick color. Would recommend using this when you are going on a date =)

Next batch

From Left to Right: Maybelline Red revival, Lancome Sugared Maple, Maybelline Coral Crush


The Maybelline Red revival is actually a really pretty red. I however thought the color was very similar to the Chanel lipstick(you’ll read below). As far as I know, its a great dupe if you are looking for a red lipstick but yet don’t wanna pay the price for a Chanel La fascinante lipstick.

Lancome Sugared Maple
Lancome’s Sugared Maple is more like a very everyday color.  you just can’t really go wrong with it. Gives you a polish look , doesn’t overdress you neither does it underdress your makeup(if you get what I mean). It just works

Maybelline’s Coral Crush

Coral crush is SUCH A GORGEOUS color! I honestly didn’t think I could pull this color off well but I really really liked the outcome of it! Highly recommend this color if you are looking for a lipstick for a girls day out session

2nd last batch

From Left to Right
Chanel La Fascinante, Lancome Edgy, Lipstick Queen’s Wine Sinner


And now we head towards the more dramatic colors. Some would say its only wise to use colors like that during the night but I’d still wear them out during the day regardless=p

I Love love love dark/red lipsticks so I was on a lipstick hunt a few months back for the perfect dark/red lipstick.

My current absolute fav red lipstick(though I have to admit it is quite costly) has to be the Chanel La Fascinante.

I generally would wear this lipstick when going out at night but if I do have events during the day I’d still wear them out as I’d still consider this pretty wearable

Lancome Edgy

This is such a autumn lipstick I swear, it’s gives your makeup a very vampy look! Perfect for those crazy night out sessions!

Lipstick Queen-Wine Sinner

Looking for a lipstick for dinner but not really into reds? I think wine sinner does fit into that category. It’s not as dark as Edgy but it’s def darker of a color compared to your daily lipsticks! I’d wear it to any night dinner or any evening events.=D

And my last 2 colors

From left to right: MAC’s Lady bug, Maybelline’s Plum-tastic


Only reason why I’ve kept these 2 colors last is because of how wearable these 2 colors are. I mean despite the quite intimidating lipstick color, it actually turned out pretty ok

Maybelline’s Plum-tastic

Think the picture speaks for itself. I personally think its a lipstick that would suit nearly all occasion.

MAC’s Lady bug

A lil more fun and a lil more daring of a color but still is pretty acceptable(in my opinion for a day time look)

What do you guys think?
What’s your fav colors and do you also have a fav lipstick?
Leave a commment below=D

Till then guys!

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