Loving the long weekends without a sore shoulder =p

Honestly speaking,
I’ve been taking alot more photos than usual because of my new camera.

Super in love with it and the fact that it’s got 20.3 Megapixels in such a small lil camera does make me bring it everywhere(I can barely feel the weight of this camera compared to my DSLR). I usually see specs like that in a DSLR so to tell me that this lil thing that has less than half the weight of my DSLR has obviously won in so many ways.

I’ve recorded a nail tutorial(which will be coming up soon) and I’m really stoked the camera actually has a super decent video function(yay to more videos)

but since the camera has been with me almost all times(which reminds me, I have to get a casing for the camera)
I’ve been taking heaps of photos and good quality photos makes me really happy!
Well that and also pretty photos really does gives me plenty of motivation to take more photos.

I absolutely hate it when you take a decent photo and when put up to the computer the photo either goes grainy or it just doesn’t cut it, which is why I rather not take photos if the photos are not up to my liking.

Photos of my previous week.
All summed up to be a pretty hectic one but still good otherwise!

Did manage to visit a small lil cafe near my area for lunch with Nate.
Had claypot fried rice.

How much clearer can a photo get from such a small lil camera right! Photo again I stressed, is not editted(Apart from adding watermark)!

Oh have I ever mentioned how much I love teas?

And yay to loong weekends!

So on the Friday morning, since it was a public holiday, I did laze in bed for a lil while longer than usual(just because I can=p)

And when I finally did get out of bed it was already past brunch time
headed to Delicious in Bangsar for a nice lunch

And the rest of the day after was just heaps of sewing and sewing for the night.
It was Halloween at Rootz yo.
I wondered if anyone else celebrated Halloween because I sure did!
Was a lil cray to actually have to sew my outfit but I guess it did turned out pretty ok

Much guesses to what I was?(Will reveal sometime this week)

Then the Saturday itself was a very interesting one.
Me and Nate went over to 1utama to cheer Aris on his Pastry Competition.
Photos again, are unedited through the computer (apart from watermark).

Such a pretty Pavlova right!

Well since we were hungry, we decided to head over for lunch.

Took a couple of photos only then to realised my camera has this really cool vintage pastel effect!

So yay points again to my camera*teehee*

I guess that’s it for my previous week. This week is gonna be another full on one on but I’ll be blogging again for halloween tonight so stay tuned for that=D

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