I see you!

Wokays, so I’ve recently have been having more fun with my eye makeup.
So most the time I can’t be bothered with eyeshadows coz
Good ones are are ridiculously priced in Malaysia
It’s a fair bit of time to actually get it right

So, eyeliner it is.

I’ve always been a fan of NYX jumbo eyeliners.
The formulation of the eyeliners are creamy and it last for a decent time, would say it gives a nice 5 hour wearing time without having to reapply it.(I have a normal combination skin) even without me applying a eye primer before using it.
Pigmentation is great and best bit? It doesn’t hurt your wallet that much either!(NYX jumbo eyeliner are selling at RM19 in Sephoras)

So I’ve collected a few NYX jumbo eyeliners so I hope you guys will find something useful out of this blogpost!

My NYX jumbo Eyeliner pencil.

Swatches time.

I generally apply it at the inner bottom eyeline and also just a lil on the sides to give my boring eyeliner makeup routine a lil kick
This one it’s not over the top and is quite wearable during the day for any occasion.

Wearing Milk

This color helps brightening the eye area giving an illusion that your have bigger and brighter eyes. Coz the color is quite subtle, it’d be safe to say you can use this color for any occasion. Also, If you are also running low on your highlighter, use this pencil instead and then blend it out and you’ll get a nice highlight color out of this pencil itself too! Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone =p


To be honest I’d actually say this is a Olive of a color. Would def consider it to be a day time color because well maybe because I’ve got quite a tanned skin. Good thing about this color is that it’s def quite unique, without obviously being over the top of a color to be wearing during the daytime.


I seriously don’t understand how they came out with these names! I’d def call this a bronze if you’d ask me. Anyways I super love this color as the color gives of that bronze greek goddess look!

Now for more dramatic colors.
Pacific blue

This is def my fav color. It’s a bright blue with silvery undertones so it reminds me of that silky blue ribbon on a very expensive dress. Love how it looks and would def repurchase this color again.


Perhaps my least fav color. The color wasn’t as vibrant as I’d expect it to be neither was it that pigmented compared to all the other colors. I’ve had to swatched it quite a few times to get to the color on the swatch picture but if not I’d say it’s more like a sheer dark purple eyeliner. Not really much of a WOW factor for me.

Pots and Pans

Well pretty much silver if you’d ask me=p
Colors very similar to white but this has a glitter tone to it and it being silver, the color does reflect light making it perfect as a night time eyeliner.

What do you guys think? What’s your fav?

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