Pinnacles of Hennessy Artistry 2012

So Last weekend, My goodness, time really flies, I can barely even have time to post about last weekend and this weekend’s about to start.
BUT I shall STILL blog about it because it was Hennessy Artistry week!
that and the fact that I had heaps of fun =p

So Hennessy Artistry had their Pinnacle of Hennessy Artistry 2012 Party at MIECC
It was the biggest party for all Hennessy parties and boy were we in for a treat.

That night to save fuel and also to avoid the whole “OMG Where are you, I’m at the entrance door drama” we all took a car in.

Decided to go for a bolder cat eye for my makeup this time.
Super love the RM6 lashes I got from this random stall in Midvalley.

Got Nate to take a photo with me while waiting for the traffic light.

Photos are either from my camera(mostly taken by Nate) and from Karmun’s.
Group photo first!

With Felixia

Girls group photo

Ready to party? Let’s go!

LOVED the walkway! I actually got pretty excited when I saw this, wonder what was at the end of the walkway=p

Of course couldn’t resist a photo of the classic H.A logo.

and photos with the H.A backdrop

yup and don’t ask me what they were doing, I honestly have no idea.

Me and Karmun in a much normal pose=p

So anyways, our passes allowed us to be seated at Zone O, which I thought was great! The place was slightly elevated than the normal zones and we managed to found a cozy area for ourselves to rest if we needed to.

They also had a bar at Zone O, which was just like a few steps away from our table(prolly explained why I got a lil high that night)aaaand that also means less people at the bar=p
Hennessy Berry, my fav!

They had heaps of super awesome artists performing.Alexandra Burke, Block B, Star killers and wahahaha Havannah Brown performing that night! (Will have the videos at the bottom of the post)

and now for the photos. Had so many photos taken so I’ll try and label them properly
With Chelsea and Yeeing

Ashley and Chenelle

WIth Jessy!

With Xiang, Chammaine, Karmun and Joanna

and by this time we were already a lil overly happy

Which prolly explains the crazy photos

ok not so crazy but happy

ok crazy

I still laugh so hard whenever I see this photo!! Look at Nate’s face!

Met ze highschool friend Cheung Ken

Why the expression you ask? Well Karmun was feeling a lil guilty, I was just adding effects
Why she was feeling guilty?
You’ll read in a bit.

Karmun’s heels punctured a hole on the stage.
Talk about killer heels.

Thanks so much for driving us here, you are superly amazing!

and as promised,
snippets of videos(If you are watching this please please watch it in HD)

Havannah Brown. I apologize for the shaky start as I(being not exactly at my most sober moment) was trying to climb onto the sofas to get a better view. Also do apologize for the last bit(you’l know what i mean when you’ve watched it)

So that was our night at Hennessy Artistry!
Had heaps of fun and we’ll hope to see you there at the next H.A party!

Have an awesome weekend guys!

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