Not missing another moment anymore

Orites, I know capturing the moment is usually what we try and attempt with with our cameras but often enough it’s not exactly the easiest.

Let’s do a jump- shot!
hmm, ok that was kinda a fail photo

I’m quite sure you guys have had experience with that before(I know I sure have)

So today I tried something a lil different with the camera
Tried the continuous shot function on my camera.
The NX1000 has a 8fps claim. Pretty much means it can capture up to 8 pictures per second(pretty impressive if you ask me)

So I tried taking my photos with water
Here’s the outcome of the photos

Perhaps my fav shot out of the sets, how the water stop mid air.

So yeah, no more worries to not being able to capture another moment huh

well unless you forget to bring your camera out=p

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