Things you need for a luxurious shower

After a long day of work or crazy hectic schedules, all I wanna do is go home, take a good shower and hit the sack coz usually after a nice long hot shower, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world again the next day!

That said tho, the products you use in the shower will either make or kill this whole idea of a luxurious shower.
But of course, we wouldn’t wanna be spending a tons of money right

So here’s what we need
Course a place to shower,

urm, water?

For my shampoo and conditioner, I strongly recommend using these 2 products.

Words cannot express how much I super love the new range of shampoo and conditioner by Sunsilk!
It contains 5 natural oil ingredients(most of it is known to giving a healthy hair)
Argan Oil- Those who are into haircare will know this oil in a heartbeat. Argan oil has been much hyped up coz of it’s amazing hair healing, moisturising component. I’ve got a bottle of argan oil for the hair and I personally think any hair products that using this oil just cannot go wrong with their products.
Babassu Oil- This I’ve not heard but according to the explanation on the box it gives a superior softness and smoothness to your hair.
Camellia Oil= Leaves hair shiny and non greasy(Guess it’s a must in Malaysia when it’s constantly so humid!)
Coconut Oil- Nourishes dry hair. nuff said.
Almond Oil- Gives elasticy to get perfect movement so meaning no more frizzy and brittle hair.

To be honest, all I get out of the text was just SILKY,HEALTHY,SMOOTH hair. Which is exactly what I needed for my hair! Usually after shower my hair will feel super soft and super nice smelling and this really does make me feel super happy =D

Now for body. I know Im a sucker for anything that smells sweet and creamy. So my pick for my body wash would have to be Soap and Glory’s Clean, girls body wash

Their built in moisturiser formulation leaves you skin soft and supple, not to mention you feeling super sexy coz it smells so mega-ly good!

Also it does quite save the time for a lotion after the shower if you really did wanna skip that step without having your skin feeling too dry=p so meaning more time to chill and rewind after a long days of work.

What do you guys use in your shower after that long day of hard work?

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