Reasons to get a Note 2

So about a few weeks ago, I’ve had the very much amazing opportunity to review the Samsung Note 2 unit.

Not knowing what to expect, Sui Ying was already brainwashing me with
“I kid you not, you will not want to go back to your Iphone anymore after this”
“but seriously, you’ll get addicted to it”

Anyways, we’ll start with the basics

The exterior of the phone


I was lucky enough to get the titanium grey unit, which I think is super pretty. It’s super sleek and shouts professional in my opinion =)

The display is about 5.5″, approximately 140.9mm but the phone itself is about 151.1mm.
well pretty much the size of my hand(I don’t have very big hands)
It is however really thin and light so the weight doesn’t really make you feel like you are carrying something big.

This is perhaps the most amazing feature for me(don’t even know whether you could call it a feature) but the battery on my phone for once last for a whole entire day. This is considered alot especially when I’m constantly on Facebook, Whatsapp and well, games.

I’d say most the features of the phone is pretty similar to the S3, which you can find in my previous S3 unit review(click Here for more details) with some exceptions. So in this post I’d go into the features that I’ve really enjoyed from the Note 2.

This is what makes the Note 2 a Note 2,
The S Pen
If you are a fan of traditional pen and paper writing, you’d love the note 2.
You can always jot down notes and ideas,

yup, just incase you are wondering, that’s a lion. A very cute lion=D

or when you are in that midst of the phone call and you hear the person saying
“Hey you’ve got a pen and paper?”
All you gotta do is pull that stylus out and the screen is now your paper!

I personally found this super useful
If you are worried that you’d lose your stylus because you’ve misplaced it, don’t worry, they even have the “remind me if my stylus was not placed back into the phone after using it” function!
Handy right

Multitasking features are pretty impressive,

but I found the pop up note and the preview function much cooler!

A lil like the preview function on the computer. Though I have to say it was so much more convenient when you have these features on your phone.

The phone was a lil big to do self capturing photos but once you get the hang of it, you’ll fall in love with the camera.
Here’s a photo I took with the camera when I’ve just finished my galaxy nails

I’d say this is almost like a mini ipad and a phone combine. Less the weight and less the bulkiness of a normal tablet but yet still being able to achieve heaps of the things that most phone can’t do.
Sui Ying was def right though, I sure did fell in love with the big screen, the convenience of S-Pen and sigh,that battery life!
Too bad the phones not mine to keep!!! Nooooooo =(

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