Kronenbourgs 1664 L’Aperitif Fashion Show

Thanks to Samuel the other day,
We were luckily invited to Kronenbourgs 1664 L’Aperitif Fashion Show.
It was a fashion show featuring 6 young finalist’s designs and the winner could win an internship with fashion guru Prof Dato’ Jimmy Choo.

Neways, it was really good because the event was on a Tuesday night, and I know it’s just the start of the week but I was ready for the week to end=p And with the rainy season, I’m actually quite surprise to find the traffic being extremely kind to us that night. Well another reason why I was so persistent on making it there was…well i’ll tell you in abit=D

Anyways, was extremely lazy with the outfit so I threw on my cardigan and a skirt for the night with my comfy Christy Ng

Well Luna Bar has always been a super fav place of mine to chill. It’s always so pretty overlooking the busy KL nights

Clear night sky with the twin towers as a backdrop, it’s times like that you truly appreciate the beauty of the city nightlife(for me anyways)

The color theme to night was no surprises Blue white and Red, colors of the Kronenbourg Logo
Macaroons, I super love em, yums to the max!

The stage for the night. I thought it was done so prettily! Place looks so different than a normal night at Luna bar!

So okay, the fashion show started and I’m just gonna show you pics now coz I was busy snapping away and didn’t hear much of what they were saying.

OH then my fav designer for the night, which was also crowned the winner for the night!

Here are his designs

And yes Zana!=D haha, perhaps why I was so excited for the night as well because she was one of the model who was doing the catwalk!

Ah well, guess not being a designer would mean I’d never get an internship with Dato’ Jimmy Choo but heck, I did manage to grab a photo with him so =D =D =D

Was such a great night, drinks were really good(Well I’ve had a good few bottles of Kronenbourgs). Music was good and manage to catch up with a few people so all in all a very good night indeed.

Anyways, gotta head back to my work now so will update you soon again.

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