Confidence without makeup

If there was one thing I was in love with for the month of November,
It would be my Brand’s Innershine Ruby Collegen Drink

If you’ve watched my November monthly fav video (Click here) you’d know it’s one of my fav products and as promised, here’s a post in detail for those who are interested.

I know I’m still quite young(Still 23) but hey, you know what they say, it’s never too early for you to start taking care of yourself.
With our busy lifestyle and crazy hectic schedules, it’s really difficult if you want me to apply on face mask each night, by the time I’m done with errands and work, all I wanna do is just lie on my bed and sleep!
Also, with UV rays everywhere(not just under the sun but also infront of the computers and what not!)

Our skins usually ages alot faster than what we are suppose to with our actual age.

So anyways, this lil baby of a collagen contains Astaxanthin, which is extracted from a special strain of micro-algae found in Sweden. This Astaxanthin contains 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 500 Times more than vitamin E,800 times more than CoQ10 in terms of it’s antioxidants level.

that’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

I’ve been drinking it for the month of November, but I couldn’t say much about it until the product was officially launched(which it did on the 22nd of November).
Usually, I’m horrible with drinks like that, either I don’t keep up or I forget and I stop drinking

But surprisingly, I did manage to finish my 28 days of trial, okay..fine.. I did skip a good 5 days in between.

So I usually take this in the morning after a good glass of warm water.

So here’s my verdict
Taste decent in room temperature but super yums when you refrigerate it, so would def recommend taking this when it’s chilled.

I would say I start seeing results after a good 5 days of drinking it. My skin, especially around my cheeks area are SO much more supple now!
Gone are the problems when I wake up in the morning and freak out seeing myself in the mirror for my skin being all yucky and now I don’t really even have to put on foundation or powder to cover up my pores because it’s been much less visible ever since I started drinking the product!

My makeup sits so much better(I don’t even apply on primer now before putting on eyeshadow and it still last for a good night without smudging)

but the most visible ones has got to be my eyebags.
I have problems with my eyebags, espcially in cameras, they are ridiculous. Even in person you could see them pretty obvious.
But after having the collagen drink, at the 2nd week I started seeing very visible results.
I still have slight eyebag problems when in pictures but in person they are so much more less visible and I super love it!
Of course it wouldn’t be much convincing unless I have photos right.
With the RIGHT lighting and all I can’t believe I can actually have a photo like this without actually seeing the eyebags!

Here’s a photo of me without makeup and without photoshop on the 4th week

As for keeping up,
I’ve been actually just taking a bottle every alternate days. It’s easy not to forget because the product really works and it’s the first time every I’m actually convinced that a collagen drink really works.

Would def def def recommend it to anyone who’s in the market for a good collagen drink.
You can purchase this from any leading pharmacies and supermarkets.
The box looks like this(it’s the one with Carmen Soo being the ambassador)

It is priced at Rm142.90 for 14*50ML bottles.
A lil pricier of a collagen drink but hey if you were to be paying for something like a collagen drink, you’d want it to work right?
For now my box usually last me for a month because I alternate the days of taking it but I’d def be repurchasing this product!

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