Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Wokays, so alot of you guys have been asking about the Galaxy Camera so here it is, my lil review about the camera!

I’ve attended the workshop just over the weekend and man,
Just an hour with the camera hands on,
I had to admit I was in love with the camera!

Gonna start with the basic stuff
The Camera itself,
Sleek and white, has a very shiny finish so it def is quite a pretty camera

In terms of the camera thickness, I think the photo speaks for itself,
Only being about 19.1mm thick(at it’s thinnest point), this camera makes it very portable of a camera to be bringing around.

Of course not forgetting the huge massive touch screen. To be honest, if I’ve just looked the camera from the back i’d prolly think it’s just another touchscreen phone.
The size of the camera is about the size of a S3 if you’d wanna compare.

It being a galaxy camera, This really cool camera allows you to slot in a 3G card(pretty similar to the card you use on your tab or your ipads) and allows you to upload your photos and videos onto the internet without having to go through a computer.

How convi right!

Of course with the internet function, you could also head onto the app store to download different application through the camera and get your daily dosage of social networking application such as
Flipboard and so on!

The touch screen sensitivity is obviously not as good as what you get from your phones but in terms of it being responsive, I’d say you wouldn’t have much to worry about for the camera.
I mean, it works without having to annoy me at all

Wokays, so lets get to the camera function itself, of course you’ll have your normal smart modes and stuff but this camera also includes really cool in app editing tools to help you edit your photos so it doesn’t all look plain ol’ boring!

and for those who needs a lil more could always opt for their more advance features that allows you to change the settings to your liking=D

So for photos, here are the photos I’ve taken using the camera without any editing.
Close up photo

Since xmas is coming, I shall have a jolly looking picture =p

and this is perhaps the one photo that really impressed me, yeah you might think why’s that, in fact what this photo is about is actually quite confusing to begin with.

So shall I reveal it yet?
Okay, here you go

SO the photo above was a zoomed in shot from this exact location. Given me zooming my camera out to the max, this is the normal photo I’d be taking, and zoomed in to the max, would be the above photo that I’ve just shown you guys

Like seriously what right! The best bit is that the photo wasn’t even blurred! This was pretty cray coz it was zoomed in so much but yet still such a great photo!

then to try out the waterfall feature, so pretty much selecting the picture option, then taking your photo, it will detect the water and gives it that very dreamy effect!

So yeah, that was my lil cheating time with the camera, I’m super in love with it, wished I could have brought it home!

Camera’s brilliant if you are looking for something more fun and yet being able to do alot more than your traditional cameras.
Would recommend this if you are a heavy internet social media user or if you travel a fair bit but still want to keep touch with the digital world.
You can also get additional batteries for the camera so you don’t have to worry about the batteries age

I thought for a camera around this size, it does live up to all my expectation of a camera, in terms of specs wise of course there will be bits it will lose to your DSLR camera but I think the optical zoom kinda wins it all here.
Shutter speed going from 1/8-1/2000 seconds on an auto mode and 16- 1/2000 seconds on a manual,
I really don’t think anyone would require anything more than what it can provide unless you are a professional photographer or constantly having particular crazy projects that requires you to have crazy specs on your camera.

Video lovers would def not be disappointed to as it takes up to 1920*1080(30fps) videos. Of course also allowing you to have different video effects on your taken videos.

Now that xmas is coming..*hint hint*?

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