1920s, good old days.

I’ll be flying to Dubai in a few hours time! Pretty excited if you ask me
Too bad I’m not spending Xmas over there tho( actually I’d rather spend Xmas in London, last year was amaaaaazing!)
Neways, just about a week ago I managed to get myself invited to the Absolut Elyx event(Thanks to Don of course)
So the theme was 1920s, and to be all dressed up for the theme,
I ran out to buy gloves and pearls(fake ones of course) and started getting a little creative with my makeup and outfit!

SO I got my gloves from one of the costume shops. They have one in 1Utama New Wing lower Ground(near OSIM)

No surprises to where I got my necklaces tho, DIVA!
Though a little overpriced in Malaysia, I’ve always thought they have really pretty items

All these pearls are getting me really excited! I mean how can a girl not like pearls, they are super classy, not to mention extremly pretty too

Didn’t had much time the other day so went with my nails like this. Really love the rustic rose gold color tho

So my outfit!
Lace cheongsam inspired dress from Bangkok, shoes from NOSE

I thought I look super chinese here=D

So when we first arrived at the place, we had to do this blind tasting thing. Not too sure which one was what but we were sure about to find out soon!

So my lovely friends were getting all ready for a great night!

The other 2 beautiful ladies who joined us for that night,
Felixia and Mandy

and guess what! Our table won best dressed, for both men and women! How cool right

The liquor itself I thought was a little peppery, def not for the faint hearted as the liquor itself is quite of a interesting character. According to the press release, this is best drank pure over a single slowly melting ice cube. The subtle floral and fruity tones is added by Rabelof wheat, which is conducive to its elegant palate and texture.

Anyone for a drink?

I had such a great time with the girls, I mean nothing beats more than everyone dressing up accordingly to the theme. Best photo op ever. Loved the theme so much I think I might just do the same for my wedding *smileees*

So a lil gift for us to bring back home

Thank you Absolut Elyx and Don for such a wonderful night.

on a complete random note, these are how my nails look at the moment,

Mega loving the purplish blue color. A lil mix from 2 nail polishes I’ve got
Do leave a comment if you like the color too!

Apologize for the post being a lil all over the place as I’m really late for an event and I’ve yet to get ready for it plus I’m flying in a few hours time which means I really need much more time than what I have now!

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