Hello Burj Khalifa

So on our 2nd day, we went of couse,
we heard they have nearly everything in Dubai so I was excited!
and plus today we were gonna be shopping in the biggest mall in Dubai, and also visiting the tallest building as of 2013!

Dubai Mall is part of the 20 billion dollar Burj Khalifa complex and it includes 1200 shops. It has about 635 retailers!!

When we first went in to the shopping mall, I pretty much dragged Nate and ran towards the thing I was most excited about, the Dubai Aquarium
It has a aquarium and has the world largest acrylic panel for the underwater aquarium!

Coz of the lack of time we decided against visiting the aquarium =((( and walked around the shopping mall instead. Then we saw an Olympic sized Ice skating rink and we also saw SEGA republic, which was an indoor theme park.

SO much to see and even more things to buy, had some of the brands I could only dream of to shop in! Argh, why are some people so ridiculously rich! Ah well, 2013 is a new year for dream to come true ey?

So when we were done shopping(I’ll show what I bought in the next post),it was about 5.30, and it was time for us to go up the tallest building!

Burj Khalifa is at about 829.8m, which is nearly DOUBLE the heigh of our petronas towers, infact the observation deck that we were at was at about the highest height the twin towers in Malaysia

I couldn’t even fit the building in my camera!
To be honest, I think because it wasn’t all lighted up, I thought our own twin towers was much prettier and much grander, sure enough this was a very tall building but it just didn’t seem that all WOW.

Headed into the building and they had all lil history and facts about Burj Khalifa

Our observation deck was at level 124 and it took us just less than a minute to get to the place. Talk about powerful lifts man.

Once we were on top, the view was just breathtaking. Because Dubai is built on deserts, there wasn’t much mountains or high hills, it was just a constructions and buildings built on flat grounds. This means that you could see every single lighting and building in Dubai and it was just really really pretty


Then we came down and caught one of the fountain shows.
The 30-acre manmade lake had the fountains built in the middle of the lake.Illumintaed by 600 lights and can shoot water up to 240feet depending on the music. Each show was different depending on the choreography
I manage to get a short video of the performance itself.

So yeah, that was our night at Burj Khalifa
Was def pretty magical if you asked me.

Oh and on a side note, how was your new year’s celebration? I was quite surprised the traffic was so smooth yesterday!

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