27tth Golden Disk Award

So if you’ve been in Malaysia for the past few months
I am pretty sure you’ve at least have heard one korean song being played whether you are in the shopping mall, restaurant or at clubs.

The korean wave has hit Malaysia pretty hard, and well,
K-pop, K-dramas you name it, it’s almost everywhere!

Let me just show you some of the songs or videos I’ve been pretty fascinated about

If there is one thing I love about K-pop, it’d be the flawless makeup they have in the videos!

Watching the MVs always make me feel like a dinosaur =.=

Like you’ve gotta be kidding me right, I know most of them have gone under the knife but heck, they are still looking so perfect
So today, I’ve tried my utmost best, in hopes of achieving a similar makeup as to the one you’ve just seen on Girls Generation’s Twinkle.

Man, it was so much trouble and effort to look like you’ve got minimal makeup and I’ve not had this much makeup piled on my face before!

I know I know, the lips are too red and I prolly have to fix the brows a little but after like an hours time on makeup trying to do the contouring and foundation, I kinda just gave up!

Will be doing a video tutorial on this look too!
So I really look up to the makeup artist that creates such wonderful makeup for the artists each time!
Anyways, back to the point! I’ve got news for all you k-pop fans! or just guys who wanna check out pretty girls live!

The 27th Golden Disk Award will take place in well yeah! MALAYSIA! The 26th Golden Disk Award was held in Osaka and if you’ve seen videos on youtube, it was pretty amazing!
Last years winner was groups like Super Junior, Girls generation, Kara, 4Minute and so on.
Anyways, This year,Samsung Malaysia is giving out tickets for the lucky few who are keen! All you gotta do is click on the link and submit a video of you impersonating/dancing/singing to your fav k- artist!

And who knows, you might be meeting your fav star live in KL!
I knew I had to at least watch the GDA live once, annnnnd I’ve always wanted to had a chance to be like that gangnam boss just once, soooo I did a video to the perhaps most played music in 2012!

I’ve just submitted my video so once it approves I’ll link it up on my page on Facebook!

So what are you waiting for?? Click on the link below and stand a chance win those tickets for that once in a lifetime opportunity!

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