Want a smaller face?

You know what they say about getting flawless skin
1) Drink enough water
2) Have more vitamin C
blah blah blah yeah it’s all valid but still there are times where i feel like killing my skin because it’s not good enough for my liking!

Well first thing first for a flawless skin is to not be lazy with your skin care! Finding the right skincare has always been the most and most important key to having a good skin.
And if you are like me, who puts on makeup everyday will have to remove your makeup everynight before you go to bed.
No, no excuse.

AND I BET if you could without having to undergo surgery, you’d want to find ways to make your face looks slimmer/ smaller or less puffy right? (I’m not sure about guys but I know most girls would like this trick). SO if you do, keep reading and I’ll share with you guys the tricks and tips in abit.

So the other day, we got our invitation from Manoah to attend this special lil workshop held together by Kanebo and Vanity Trove
Photos credits to Zana and Mandy(I lost all my photos T.T)

It was a really small and cosy session, all allowing to have our own skin analysis and little facial sessions!

Of course photos with the other beautiful ladies

My skin has always been more of the dry combination skin type. Often seeing pores around my cheeks and I have spots issues(well it’s not obvious now but I bet it will soon be!) I can already see it coming=(

So we were all pampered with awesome stuff but in this blogpost I’d like to share with you guys to what we’ve learn in the workshop which will prolly take about 5 minutes of your day and you’ll be getting better blood circulation around your face and it will also help improve your skin to absorb your skincare products better, and if done right will also help slim your face down!

yup, it’s massage time!!
I’ve been recently trying these massage technique and I will have to say that my face looks significantly less puffy and Nate has also asked whether I’ve lost weight(Which I haven’t) because he says my face is much sharper now

So yes massage your face does help significantly because it helps improve blood circulation and also reduce puffiness and reduce blockages especially around the lymphatic nodes. You wanna make sure you massage along the lines in the direction of the arrows according to the photos, the first picture will show how you can help reduce double chin(like me) and the second picture will also help blood circulation.
Massaging in an upwards movement near the cheeks, lips and chin will also help reduce sagging!

Remember you always wanna have the massage movement upwards around the face and neck but anything down the side of neck is a downwards motion to help the lymphatic system. This will also help reduce puffiness in the morning.
Of course you’d wanna do this with your lotion/moisturiser or it will really really hurt because of friction and you wouldn’t wanna be doing any damage to your delicate skin!

I had such an amazing time at the launch and that wasn’t just it! Vanity Trove gave us a Kanebo special box and I couldn’t be any happier! This is my very first VanityTrove box!

Awesome door gift thanks to Kanebo and Vanity Trove.
It contains:
A full size Lunasol liquid foundation
Travel size white emulsion 2 and White lotion 2
A box of good quality cotton pads(which is awesome because I hate it when they get all friendly around my face)
2 sample size sunblock
and a voucher for free complimentary makeup with Lunasol

I’m really excited to try the liquid foundation because the bottle is really pretty!(What, I get attracted to using pretty stuff)

Vanity Trove will be sending our their Feb beauty box really soon so if you guys are keen, head over to their website to check out what they have got installed for you guys and have a lil treat for yourselves for the upcoming CNY!

Side Tracking…..Can you believe we are nearly half done with the first month of 2013?? It feels like my countdown for 2013 was just last weekend =.=

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