Time for a bath!

So here’s one of my much fav collection, my bath bombs

I’ve always loved taking long bath after a long day. It’s often super relaxing and it’s always feels like I’m crazily spoilt after a nice long bath. So I pretty much take a bath twice to thrice a week.

So water baths are cool, but I do like adding scented baths or bubbly baths much more. So over the past year, I’ve collected( well thanks to my amazing friends who constantly brings back Lush items for me from London and Oz) quite a number of bath bombs from Lush and also bath gels from a good number of different shops.

Of course I will have a preferences to the bathbombs I purchase so alot of my collections are repeats(pity you can only use bathbombs once). Usually buy them in bulk and keep them in my drawer and I love how it smells when I open up the drawer!
But in this post, to save space, I’m just gonna show you one of each bath bombs that I’ve got.
All my bathbombs are from Lush.

The one on the left is Cinders and the right one is Sunny Side

Cinders smells very much like apple and cinnamon, I don’t know why but I couldn’t find it anymore on the online shop so perhaps they’ve discontinued it, hopefully I’m wrong because I really like that apple-ish scent! Always so yums!
Sunny side: If there is one that I’d title as a glamorous and pretty bath bar, it’d be Sunny Side. This thing after melted is like liquid gold, not glitters with gold but actually similar to liquid gold. Amazingly pretty stuff.

Twilight on the right, Vanilla Fountain on the right

Twilight has always been a good fav of mine when I’ve had a exceptionally long day. The lavender makes you calm your nerve and your bath tub usually turns into a deep pink/purple color which really does make you feel like you’re in a huge lavender farm.
Vanilla Fountain, Enough said i guess, vanilla smell, not too strong but just a nice yummy scent that kinda makes you hungry after!

Phoenix Rising

I think they might have replaced this for Cinders because it has a very similar scent. This according to the website(I’ve yet to use this one yet) is a gold dusted apple cinnamon bomb! Not so sure how it’d turn your bathwater color to tho but I’m keen to try this one out soon!

Yuzu and Cocoa and Rose Jam

These are more like a bath bar, they look exactly like macarons in a bigger and uglier version. Also haven’t used them before so don’t really know how it’d turn out

Right, Fizzbanger. Left, Dragons Egg

Fizzbanger, well I have a thing for apple and cinnamon so anything that is scented along these lines is a must buy for me
Dragons Egg is by far my absolute fav. I love how they change your bathtub color and it always smells so amazingly good!

ok so done with my Lush products lets go on with much more cost efficient bathtub items. Bath Gels are a must in my bathroom so here are the few that I’m really liking

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Bath Crystal
Sephora Cotton Flower Bath Gel

I love the smell of ginger and sometimes when I’m not in the mood for a bubbly bath I’d use these instead.
Sephora’s Cotton Flower is a very sweet scenting bathgel. If you are a person who loves anything sweet,, this is for you.

Soap and Glory- Calm One , Calm All
Crabtree and Evelyn, Himalayan Blue

I love Soap and Glory’s stuff. They smell amazing, the prices for the items are super worth it. It’s a big bottle and it’s got in built moisturiser!
This himalayan blue by Crabtree and Evelyn is very refreshing of a scent, not something I’d use for the night because I’ll be kept awake throughout the night =.=

Twinkle Berry from Philosophy
Yves Rocher- Organic Oats

If you like berry scents, you’d love this twinkle berry by Philosophy, not really the one I’d always reach out to but still a really good scent
Yves Rocher is one of the one I’d recommend if you have dry skin. This thing is amazing, it’s very creamy and very lush and for the price you pay for it, it’s super worth buying!

and to my absolute fav bathgels

Laura mercier Body bath- Ambre Vanilla Honey Bath
Nantucket from Crabtree and Evelyn
Laura Mercier is a lil pricey but it has got to be best. It smells SO SO SO good so if you wanna splurge, this is a must!
Nantucket smells like baby powder, love love it!

So what about you guys, what’s your fav bath/shower products?

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