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Soo, just a really quick update today.

Random question, has anyone done their Chinese New Year shopping yet?
I’d think that the more we grow up the more we’d think that getting new clothes to wear during Chinese New Year would be more important but I don’t know, I kinda.. well maybe because I don’t really need an excuse to shop(girls) but Chinese New Year shopping in shopping malls has kinda really lost it’s appeal to me.

Reasons below
The malls are always crazily packed
Finding parking is mega crazily difficult
I can never find something I really like in the mall anymore.

I’ve always liked online shops much better, but it does get quite annoying when they’ve got new items coming in it’s always just a limited numbers and the style is usually quite similar. Having to blogshop hop can also get extremely tiring so I’ve always been looking for something that has everything in one particular website.So I came across this website(well they came to me) and I quite like some of their items and thought I’d share with you guys since I’m sure a fair bit of you ladies would enjoy shopping too=p(that and you’ll get a discount more and I’ll get into that soon)

soo. what’s the website? cheng cheng cheng
It’s Fashion Valet! (

So this website has over 150 brands with local brands and also brands within the South East Asian region. This means you get a good range of different styles and prices for the clothes throughout the website(I’m actually already eyeing on a few pieces!) The vast range includes not just modern pieces but also more traditional clothing so def give it a check.

Did I also mention that they do free shipping within Malaysia?
I know a few of you ladies actually aren’t based in Malaysia so this website’s a plus because they ship internationally(shipping cost depends on the weight of your parcel, heck, it’ll still be much cheaper compared to the price you’ll have to pay for clothes in Oz at times!)

New registered members will also receive 10 credit points, which will will then go into their credit point system call FB rewards, so the more you spend the more you get back, more info in this check it out before you go crazy shopping!

So okay now hopefully I’ve got you guys all pumped up to do some shopping,
here’s a little something for you guys since you’ve read through the whole post!
I have a 10% discount storewide code that you can use before you check out, just make sure you’ve logged in or have already registered before putting the code through or it wouldn’t work.

Expiration date for the code is 2 weeks after this post it up so def just in time for Chinese New Year shopping!

10% discount code: FVYUKIKOBLOG

Happy shopping ladies!

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