Lava Dance Club.

So last week,Mandy invited me to Lava Dance Club’s opening. It was a Thursday night and since Friday was a holiday for some people, I figured, why not right?

So because it was their opening night, they had those walllpapers where you could sign your names and what not
Can you spot my name?(hint, it’s actually right next to Nate’s)

To be honest I was rather lazy with my makeup that night hence the only eyeliner+falsies with a red lipstick. Guess you could just never go wrong with red lipsticks!

We arrived rather early that night, was there at about 1030pm so the place was rather quiet, I thought it was brilliant coz it was perfect for me to take photos of the surroundings.

Love how the cushion was super huge and comfy.
Anyways as per usual my partner for the night was of course Nate.

and a photo of yours truly.

and of course we couldn’t resist taking a photo of us with the red lipstick. I always found it look really pretty on girls if they’ve applied it on properly. It just makes your skin look far much fairer and I don’t know it just really compliments the look!

and of course we have to have a group photo to end the night=D

Had to leave relatively early that night because Nate had to go to work the next day but if you guys are keen to check the place out def do so.
Here’s the Facebook link for the place:

on a side note, I’ve done a lil DIY project over the weekend. Nate thought I was going crazy with all the nail polishes that I’ve laid out on the ground to finish up the project.
I absolutely adore the outcome and I think I might also be a little hooked!

Watcha guys reckon?

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