Hit..and Miss products

yes yes yes, I know I have way more than enough lipsticks but I’m usually not a fan of lipglosses, so you knowww, it’s chinese new year so we need new glosses and lipsticks ya?

Anyways I was at Guardian the other day buying some daily necces and couldn’t help but to browse through the cosmetic aisle. Thought I saw an advert from Rimmel about their lipsticks so I decided to check them out and I came across these.

I think they must have been in the market for sometime now but I’ve not seen anyone telling me about this product or any adverts about this before!
Couldn’t resist the packaging and it was only priced at about RM22.90 so I decided, why not right? Obviously bought 2 of the most vibrant/darkest color in my opinion, don’t know why I just can’t pull nude lips off.
I thought the packaging was so cute!

It reminds me a little of the mascaras packaging but these are so much more colorful and because they are glosses, they’ve got shimmer in them and that makes the packaging looks so much more cuter!

The brush applicator itself is huge, so if you do have small lips I’d suggest you to def applying the applicator on your fingers then using your fingers to apply it on because of the huge wand itself.
The swatches

The lipglosses are very pigmented so one swatch would give you the color you are looking for.It does feel a lil tingly when you first apply it on so I assume it does pump your lip up a little. The lasting power of the gloss is pretty good I’d say. Don’t seem like it needed much touchup within the few hours. I’d say the finish itself is like a typical lipgloss? So if you aren’t too keen of the sticky feeling I’d def wouldn’t suggest you getting these but the colors are really pretty so I’m ok putting up with the sticky feeling you get when you apply lipglosses.

I was pretty surprised when I went through the cashier and the thing came up to be around RM16.90 because of some sales stuff that was going on at the moment(I’ve just bought this on Sunday so I’m quite sure the sale would still be on right now, you might want to check before tho.)

Of course, couldn’t resist buying more lipsticks, ended up falling for the advertisement they had for their lipsticks.
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede

I thought the packaging was a little meh, maybe coz I’m do like my lipsticks looking like a typical lipstick with the non transparent packaging around it. Colors look pretty good tho from the packaging so I thought hey I wouldn’t mind giving these a try.

From left to right: All Access, Finale, Preview

I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed with the lipsticks tho, the application of the lipsticks were horrible. I tried swatching the lipsticks on my arms and the there will be lil chunks of the lipsticks left on my hand which then means I’d have to spend more time blending the lipsticks in or it’d be very uneven. They are generally quite sheer on the first swatch, I had to do a few times on my arms to get the color in the picture.Feels more like a lipgloss than a lipstick.
Pigmentation wise they are okay, a little sheer for my liking but I will have to say the lipsticks are quite moisturising so if you are looking for a lipstick that don’t dry you out, maybe give these a try. I personally think these were a miss product for me so yeah?

Anyone else has tried these products? What was your thoughts on it?

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