DIY Rainbow roses!

相信彩虹玫瑰,或是幸福玫瑰都会很吸引人注目吧。可是外面的彩虹玫瑰总是那么的贵,不然就来个DIY 吧,虽然效果没有照片中那么的好看,但是至少还是有不同颜色的花瓣,看起来心情还真的是会大好呢~
Years back Vicky introduced me to rainbow roses(I never knew they existed), and no they weren’t made out of plastic, they were real flowers and ever since I’ve always wanted to see them up close and all.

So a few days ago, one of my best friend gave his wife these amazing amazing looking roses. It was all colofrul and pretty, yup they were rainbow roses.So when I saw Kendall posting the photos up, I really wanted the flowers too but I had no idea where to get them!

Then after much thinking and research, I found that you could actually DIY the flowers yourself!
Well since V-day is approaching, I thought this would be a very small and fun project or a gift to a special someone or friends =)

So yup, after work I head to my local florist and got myself 3 pretty roses. I wanted white but they didn’t had any but they had the roses in cream color so I thought that was good enough. Got the food coloring from the supermarket and I was ready to start the project!


So here’s what you need!
Food coloring of your preferred color. I bought red, yellow and blue in this case.

Of course you’ll be needing flowers.

You actually can use any types of flowers as long as they are a light color. I personally think that roses are a good choice because the different petals will create layers.

Then you need a pair of scissors

and you need to cut the stalk diagonally

Place them in the colored water

and that’s pretty much it. I did kinda over cut the stalks so they ended up to be quite short. That would perhaps explain why the color went up so fast to the petals, I started seeing results in about half hours time

in about 9 hours time this is what happened to the roses

Usually it’s recommended to put it in the colored water for about 24-48 hours but I just really couldn’t wait that long. I was impatient and the flowers were really really pretty even after being immersed in the water for 12 hours.

So here’s the final results for my roses.I really like the pastel-y effect they have and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I might try again tho tonight and maybe find a flower with a thicker stalk because I do want to try the tri color ones.

Absolutely adore how they look on my table now. So colorful!

I did also make a video to the process of the dyeing so def check it out.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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