High Heels Obsession

I am a heel-holic.
I shop for heels all the time, and if it was needed, I’d starve for that particular pair of heels if I’ve wanted it bad.Not healthy, I know. An obsession? yeah for sure .

I’ve previously have blogged about the few pairs of heels I’ve owned (Click here) but since I’ve had to move back to Malaysia, it was very difficult for me to bring all of the heels back.
So I did what other normal girls would have probably done, I went shopping for heels again.

You will always notice a particular style or a criteria to the heels I buy. If it’s not more than 4″, I’m not even going to be bothered considering buying them. This is prolly coz I was usually the shortest in Oz so I felt the much needed help I could get from heels to look a little less petite.

I usually don’t have a particular shoe shop that I’d shop for. Pretty much anything that catches my eyes, I’ll grab them first, guess I’ll only worry about the comfort of the heels after hah!I’ve actually have got far more heels than the ones posted here but I just couldn’t do it anymore. After taking about 15 pictures of myself in heels with a 50mm lens, I was ready to be done with today and go back to sleep till tomorrow!

I’ve always have got a thing for stripe stuff. Vicky once said that if I were to buy anymore stripe designed items I’d look like a zebra, but I just can’t help it you know, I do really really like stripes =D
Stripe heels from Voir

So yeah, it doesn’t matter what stripes they are or where they are from. They’ve got my attention alright.
Heels I have no idea where from but I just thought they look so pretty!

since both the photos I’ve shown you guys above’s blue, I might as well add these in. These are from Nose and I absolutely love them. I’m not so sure about the height tho, they feel much like a 5-6 inch for me, either that or the heels are just too thin because it’s pretty difficult to walk in these!

So when it comes to comfort heels, I’ve got a few brands that I usually buy my heels from. I’ve not had a bad experience with their heels and I really really really love the design of the heels!

Kiss and Tell are def one of my favs, so much so that I actually recommended them to so many of my family and friends around me. They carry size down to 34(which is crazy! but it works because my sister has tiny feet and she managed to find a pair of heels with them) and the shoes are really really comfortable. If anything I’d usually wear their heels if I knew I had to be in my heels for a very long day.

So I initially bought these in fuchsia pink.

and I love them so much, I actually went back to buy a different color! So love the orange!

Well I was also shopping on FashionValet, which also happens to carry Kiss and Tell shoes, guess what I ended up buying? yup, you’ve guessed it..more heels from Kiss and Tell! Just right in time for Chinese New Year too!

Then since the shoes were so comfortable, I figured I needed a pair of basic black heels that I can run or walk in the whole day with.

The other shop that I’ve been loving is Christy Ng. If you’ve followed me on instagram you’d know that I’m constantly wearing these babies. They are a nudish color and perhaps one of the most comfortable heels I’ve bought for myself. If I needed something more plain, these are my to go to heels.

Also bought these from Christy Ng because they were on sale haha!

My other fav brand would be an international brand. It’s Steve Madden. Bought these 2 pairs in the states and I kinda regret not buying more because they are so cuteeeeee! I love wearing wedges because they are just so easy to walk in and they are perfect for people who are looking for high heels but are worried that they’d find the shoes difficult to walk in.

Coz every girl needs a pair of leopard print heels right=p

Anyways these 2 randoms I bought from Nose in 1u. Love them ,not exactly the most comfortable pair of heels but pretty enough for me to forget the pain. I love how they’ve got the bottom in red and it just kinda gives that basic black pair of heels a lil twist.

These are a lil unexpected. I wasn’t expecting to like them but once I put them on, I was sold. Love the print on the heels, and I love how it gives a unique finish!

Well, I’m gonna end this post with these shiny pair of heels I bought from Opera. They are surprisingly comfortable for the price that I paid and since it was shiny and sparkly, I just couldn’t resist!

So, what’s your fav pair?  and if you are like me, who also have an obsession about heels, do blog about them or leave a comment because I’d love to see your post on this!

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