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Before I start my post, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday and eating much yummy food during this festive season!

About a week ago, I’ve received my very first beauty box! As much as I love the idea of a beauty box, I just never got around the idea of actually purchasing a box when I got back to Malaysia, mainly that and because I didn’t know where to start! Vanity Trove sent me this lil beauty box just before Chinese New Year and I was stoked! I’ve always loved receiving gifts, so a monthly surprise, yup, I wouldn’t mind =p

So here’s my unboxing video, excuse the shaky hand, I was recording this using my Samsung Note 2!

and here’s the breakdown of the products!
So the box was sent in, beautifully packaged and safely wrapped with a bunch of travel sized goodie.

I love it when they come with a lil information paper that tells you about the product you are about to use

this makes using the product much simpler and you’d know whether it’d be suitable for your skin before you use it. Saves you worrying you’d have when using a foreign product.

I ate up all the chocs in the box before I took a photo of it(sorry) but it was very yummy chocolates =D They even individually hand written customised greeting cards which I thought was super sweet of the company to do so

So let’s start with the hand cream

This Tuscan Rose hand cream is pretty rich of a cream to be honest, I’d think its much suitable to use as a body cream because it does leave a slight greasy feeling to the hand after using it, that said tho if you have dry hands, this would be much suitable to use. The scent is not very strong so if you are usually not the fan of opening a hand lotion in an office because the whole office would know kinda person, this hand cream would be much suitable and recommended for you.

SP Color Save mask and shampoo

Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but the brocher that came with it gave claims that looks pretty promising. It says the repair shampoo detangles and even out hair structures and that the mask will improves texture up by 200% in one application. hmm..not baad, Will see whether it will live up to it’s claim then

Oriks Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence

This lil thing is pretty interesting. It combines all your toner, moisturizer and serum all in one. I would say it would be very convenient if you haven’t got much time in the morning to do your skincare routine but need something to keep your skin healthy for the full day. The product texture is rather light, feels a lil like having to pat water into your skin so it doesn’t leave an oily finish to the skin.

Orik’s BB cream

I don’t use BB cream so this is something I’ve yet to try.

B.liv Off with Those Heads Blackheads sebum Gel

Perhaps one of the very much interesting packaging. Has a huge claim behind the bottle that a good use of 14 days would help you rid those evil black and white heads without the pain! Has a money-back guarantee on the products(not sure whether it’s applicable in Malaysia) but the main active ingredients tea tree oil, witch hazel extract and aloe vera extract which are known to help rid those ugly heads. I’ve used it just a few times, and it’s quite easy to use, all you gotta do is to apply it over a clean face and the gel will do the work after. If you’ve always have blackhead problems and all other products has been failing you, maybe give this a try=)

And perhaps my most fav item of all, the Pore-fessional by Benefit.

I love anything has a satin finish. This helps minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines and you can wear it by its own or on top or under your makeup(I would suggest using this before your makeup to help achieve that flawless look) I tis also oil free so it is suitable for all skin types!

So that’s pretty much everything in the box. I hope the blogpost has helped.
For those who are interested,
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