Benefit for you.

Nate bought us tickets to watch Wedding Diary 2 last night and we ended up reaching the shopping complex a lil earlier than expected so I decided to drop by Benefit to purchase a few new items.

Ended up buying the new Fine One One blush and also pore-fessional.

So here’s my lil collection of Benefit items,hope you guys will find it useful!
We will start with the highlighter

Thanks to my asian features I do quite have a rather flat face, so to achieve a more 3D look, I usually reach out for these items to make my feature “pop”
Moon beam, I’m not sure whether it has been discontinued but this is a(I quote from Benefit) golden apricot liquid that illuminates cheeks and brow bones and adds a warm shimmer to your complexion. I find this does quite the exact of what they’ve described. Would use it during the day because of it’s gold undertone and it is much more of a natural highlighter color
Sun beam is extremely similar to moon beam but has more of a bronzey undertone. Works amazing well and will leave your skin looking super radiant and healthy
High Beam on the other hand is a lil more intense of a highlighter, it is a pink liquid highlighter that works really well if you are heading out at night or want your features to stand out in photos. Would generally not recommend using this product during the day unless you know you are gonna be constantly being taken photo of. Would usually reach out for this product if I’m heading out for a night event.


One of Benefit’s best seller, does exactly what it says and i absolutely love this product! Leaves a silky finish which is such a major love and they are currently doing a limited edition size which pretty much means you get double the amount for a lesser price

Girl meets Pearl

Leaves your face with kinda like a liquid pearl sheen which pretty much gives you that dewy glow. I generally woudlnt’ apply this all over my face just coz it’s a little too much on my skin but I do enjoy applying this over my cheekbones and T zone after I’ve done my makeup=)

Ok so photos from here aren’t edited because I thought it’d be nice to be able to see the actual color of the product.=)

Perhaps one of my most fav blush, this blush contains 4 different colors and it would pretty much compliment any skin tone! I usually use this as a overall blush around my face so give my face a lil more color, products smells amazing(I know i’m not suppose to be smelling it but I just can’t help it)
If you are a new person to using blush, I would highly recommend this product!

Bella Bamba

If you are a little more adventurous with your blush makeup, I would recommend this blush! It’s gold undertone helps you amplify your cheekbones and really help create the illusion of a very 3D feature. Smells really yummy and I would say it’s quite close to Nars Orgasm, minus the much golden glitter so def much more wearable. Extremely pigmented too so a little goes a long long way.

then my other fav

Highlight and contour powder in a box. I really don’t know how else to explain this but I guess if you are a person who generally don’t like to put on much makeup, but still kinda hope for a shortcut miracle, def give this product a try. Apply the contouring powder just slightly below your cheekbones and use the highlight powder on your cheeks and you will be good to go=) It does have a sparkly finish so if you are looking for a matte finish contouring product, I would suggest to look elsewhere=)

and the last product of the post, also one of the 2 items I’ve picked up yesterday.
Fine One One

To be honest I don’t really get the name, but hey, I did really ended up liking the product. Just glide it along the sides of your cheeks(champagne color facing up) and blend it through with your fingers in a circular motion and that’s pretty much all you’ve gotta do!
I love the finishing of the product, despite it’s creamy looking texture, it does actually finish off like a powder product so it works with pretty much any other type of foundation that you’ve previously applied on.This blush also does kinda give that silky finish so it’s def a plus point for me. According to their website you can use this as a lip product too but I dont know, it’s kinda pricey so i wouldn’t use it on my lips coz I’d prolly finish this product in a months time=(

Anyways, here are the swatches,

and after blending it through

Love the color, what’s your thoughts on it?

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