Amante: Buy 1 Free 1 Offer*

There was this period of time when I was crazily obsessed with nail polishes so as a result, I bought way more nail polishes than I could have ever used, before they all run dry. This is also the reason why I’ve not visited a nail parlour for a very very long time.

So the other day I got an invite from Amante Nail Spa(courtesy to Tammy) for a nail spa sess! I could bring a friend along which made it even cooler, so I asked Karmun and since she wasn’t doing much that day, she said yes!

Amante, Kota Damansara is located at quite a very interesting location(we spent half hour looking for this place). IF you are heading there make sure you are parked at Level 3(in the parking lot itself) above Tanjong Village, that food court place that is near Bonjour Gardens at Kota Damansara.

With all the crime rates escalating and what not it’s always good when a place like this have a reserved parking for their guest

So the interior of the place was very unexpected! I wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty to be honest, I know by the time I found the place(we parked outside the parking lot so it was quite tricky to find the place) we were a little flustered but the minute I walked in I forgot all the trouble it took to get here. The place was nicely decorated with really pretty wallpapers and vintage furnitures. Good ambience coz of the lighting so it made relaxing much easier.

Before we started we were offered tea to kinda calm us from all the running and walking and then it was time for us to pick the session we wanted.We ended up doing one of their signature Nailtek Manicure Spa , which is priced at RM89, and the whole manicure will last approx for an hour.

Not much pictures of me because I didn’t had enough hands to camwhore and plus Karmun looks much cuter in pictures =)

So they started our session wiht a nice massage with a nice lotion, and once that’s done they used clingwrap on us to kinda help keep the moisture in,
THen they had this machine thingy where it’ll warm your hand up and helps the hand absorbs and take in the lotion much better so you can soft and supple hands.

After that, they’d apply this really cool mermaid green gel thingy on you(it’s actually a hand mask). Me and Karmun were more fascinated by the color of the gel than what it could actually do hah!

So my hands are usually more of a cooler temperature so the gel dried much slower than expected=( The lady decided to work on my cuticles and nails first while waiting for the gel to dry.
I feel like a mermaid with all the scaly looking gel on my hand =p

So once that’s done, you can then peel the gel off, yeah it’s a peel off mask, pretty cool huh! and the results was instantaneous! you can already tell how much fairer my hands were after the mask!

then a manicure without nail polishes just can’t really qualify as a manicure. Loving this robin egg’s blue with that silver glitter as a top coat. I don’t know whether it’s the manicure itself but my nail polishes seem to be lasting much longer than usual. It hasn’t chipped and I had to remove it physically after a week because it was growing out but if not it still prettty much looks like it has just been done!

After service thoughts: I thought the staff were super friendly and Karmun said it’s def one of the best manicure places she’s been too coz they were really gentle when cutting your cuticles which we both think is superly important because you wouldn’t want a bloody finger after the session

And I know manicures aren’t the same if you haven’t got someone to chat and chill around with so Amante is celebrating friendship at a buy 1 free 1 price(applicable only if you are a first time visitor) This offer works for anything  on their menu(even their massage services) so I’d say give them a call if you are keen!

Visit their Facebook page here for more info!

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