China Glaze swatches

Not usually a person to update on the weekends but since I’m really ill and I’ve been sleeping nearly the whole evening, I can’t exactly go back to bed now because I’m wide awake hah!

So anyways, as you guys prolly would have realised by now,I’m attracted to sparkly items.
So happens that China Glaze launched these sparkly babies about slightly over a year ago I believe, and I was completely hooked onto them, so much so I actually drove out just to purchase them from the China Glaze counters.
Didn’t realise I actually missed out a review on them until I was trying to repaint my nails so here we go, with a random midnight update on a weekend.

ok so photos here were taken about a year ago when I first got them,
From left to right
Polarized, Optical Illusion, Liquid Crystal, Full Spectrum, Ray-diant, Prism

A closer shot of them

From Left to Right
Full Spectrum- this nail polish has a pink glitter based so the colors comes off a lil like a baby pink silver color on the nails. Quite a sweet color but not really a huge huge fav of mine as I tend to like colors that leans towards the blue-greenish hues.
Ray-diant- Green based glitter nail polish, a little similar to Glow Up Already by OPI but just a little lighter on the green tone. This has more of a yellowish hue compared to Glow UP already but still is quite a pretty color
Prism- One of my fav colors in this series, purple is a pretty color and now that it’s glittery I just really can’t find a flaw to that combination. Swatches exactly like the color you see on the bottle after a good 3 coats.

Polarized- Silver based glitter. Extremely extremely shiny, Best description is that this looks like melted silver but with glitters.
Optical Illusion- This has got to be my most fav color out of all the 6 bottles that I’ve purchased. This nail polish reminds me of a ok I really don’t know how else to describe this color but it kinda does remind me of a mermaid’s fin..melted in a bottle. It’s got a blue and green glitter based so I absolutely adore the turquoise-y color(with glitter,always a plus point for me) on my nails. Love love LOVE this color!
Liquid Crystal- Blue based glitter with a lil purple , also a very pretty color but if I’ve had to pick between Optical Illusion and Liquid Crystal, the former will win hands down.

Anyways, here are the swatches, I do apologize for the lighting because it is midnight right now and the only decent lighting I’ve got are the florescent lights.
I’ve applied 3 coats on my nails, one coat is quite sheer so I don’t really like how it finishes on my nails. Also finished it with a top coat from Silky Girl
This is Prism

Focus on the middle finger which is Optical Illusion,
2nd finger Polarised
ring finger again Prism
baby finger if you can see is Liquid crystal

2nd finger Liquid crystal(it’s actually more blueish but I guess the camera caught more of it’s purple glitters in this picture)
middle finger Optical Illusion
Ring finger Full Spectrum
Baby Finger Ray-diant

Optical Illusion

Liquid Crystal

2nd finger Liquid Crystal
middle finger Optical Illusion
Ring finger Full Spectrum
Baby finger Ray-diant

Just seeing all these sparkly stuff cheers me up.

Do leave a comment with what your favs are =)
Have a great Sunday guys!

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