March’s first weekend

Monday, still sick, but I guess it’s still a lil better than having Monday blues =p

Prolly say this a gazillion times but where has all the time gone to?? We are already in March, unbelievable! My weekend has just kinda just flew past, didn’t actually end up doing much on Saturday because I was still super ill but on the Sunday the weather was scorching hot during the day and Karmun decided we should all go for a swim.

Best idea ever, but when it was about time to swim, guess what, the sky suddenly went all grey and dark. Was so close to actually just giving in to the weather but Aris insisted we should just go on with our plan so we did. Turned out the sky didn’t end up raining so that was a win. Photos are still with Karmun so will update my blog with it once I have the photos.

On Friday I got my eyelashes extensions done. I absolutely adore the look of it but I’m not so sure I feel the same about the quality of the eyelashes. Perhaps it was a free trial, I’m not so sure but my eyelashes feels super plastic-y and hard, not really something that I’m used to waking up with.

On a complete different note, I’m so happy Nate’s photography skill has improved so significantly much! He use to often cut my head off, or some parts of my body off when taking a photo but now it’s all, well now the photos are actually very nice! So proud of him(Ah bok says that if he hasn’t improved his skills by now he’d prolly get annoyed to death by my constant complaining everytime he takes a photo)

Ever since being back in Malaysia I realised that I haven’t really been shopping at malls as much for clothes and I’ve been doing alot of shopping on the internet. Pros and cons, pros is that it’s so convenient and cheap, cons is that I’ve been shopping a lil too much.
So I’ve decided to stop buying new stuff for a lil while( I really hope this will last for a good week) and have been trying to wear whatever i first pick out from the closet blindfolded.

So here’s my outfit. I really love how the belt gives an illusion of a slimmer and smaller waist(great now I have an urge to shopping for more belts) and well to be honest I didn’t think the outfit would have matched very well if it weren’t for the color of the belt that kinda blends both the yellow and orange together.
Heels are from Steve Madden, adore them heaps and they are relatively comfortable.

I’m still so in love with vintage earrings, there’s just something about those floral lace designs that I just cannot resist.

and here’s an upclose photo of my extensions. Like I mentioned, I love how I finally feel like I’ve got lashes but I think if i ever get them redone it’d be of a different type of eyelashes.

and here’s my video for my feb favs

What were the items you were loving for the month of February? Leave a comment down below!

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