When the weather is hot and what not.

Got the swimming photos from Karmun!
and since it’s a hot arvo today, i’ve decided to tempt all you indoor(or if you are currently outdoor) peeps with some swimming photos =p

So like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, the weather on Sunday was crazily hot in the afternoon, so the gang have decided to do some activities that wouldn’t result us feeling like we were all baked in ovens.So Karmun’s apartment had a pool we could use(for free) so we decided to go for a dip in the pool. You realise I mentioned a dip in the pool coz I wouldn’t really call it swimming because swimming in my dictionary means doing at least about 10 laps but you know, everyone’s different=)

Had to get some last minute shopping done, bought googles and swimwear for Nate(because he hasn’t got any) and was trying to search for an icebox(you’d really think we’d not bring drinks with such a weather?). Was all prep and excited for our lil swimming activity and then we heard thunders and saw lightings! It was such disappointment, I was so upset because it was the best thing I’ve heard for the day and I was really looking forward to it, thank godness the weather was only temperamental around my area and the sky was apparently quite clear at where Karmun’s apartment was.

So here are ze photos!(photo credits to Karmun)

Our weekend ended with a nice meal at Daorae for Korean BBQ and another nail session for the girls and Mahjong session at my place after. Maybe I’m growing old(I really hope this isn’t the case) but I do really prefer these quiet night ins, not saying that I don’t enjoy events but quiet night in with friends somehow makes me feel a lil more sane of a person.
Nelson asked a question while we were having dinner “what would you be doing now if you haven’t met us” and I actually thought about this for sometime, I think I’d prolly be bugging Nate nearly everyday that we should migrate to somewhere else and prolly would have done so by now. So I’m grateful to have met them, makes all the crazy city life so much more bearable if not enjoyable with them around us(I’m really not a city person).

Annd another outfit idea to end the post. Nate came home relatively early from work yesterday and since he(surprisingly) said ok to helping me take an outfit of the day photo before nightfalls, I literally jumped out of my seat and tried picking out an outfit within 5 minutes. Sticking to my whatever-first-item-I-grab-from-the-closet deal I’ve made to myself, putting together an outfit seemed much easier(perhaps I’ve saved myself from the endless maybe-the-next-dress-is-better dilemma)

So here are the items I picked, the aztec cropped top was actually the first item that I grabbed. First idea that came to my mind was to pair it with my denims but that just seemed a lil too common so I thought of actually wearing it with a dress instead.

So I found my very plain bodycon dress from H&M to match with the cropped top.Came across a slight technical hiccup as the top wasn’t as tight fitting as I thought it’d be so it didn’t sit very well with the dress, thank godness for the inventions of belts =p As for my heels I found these really pretty ones I purchased from Sungai Wang about a year ago. Love the color combination and thought it went pretty well together with this outfit.

Got the photos taken in about 15 minutes which made me really happy because the long sleeve wasn’t very outdoor friendly and eventhough the weather has kinda cooled down it just wasn’t cool enough to wear a long sleeve bodycon dress!

Watcha thoughts on this pairing?

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