MAC Archie’s haul

So ever since the launching of the collection of MAC Archies a few weeks back in the states, I’ve been ever itching to actually purchase them as soon as they hit the shores of Malaysia. Lucky for me some of the bloggers on my facebook account posted some photos when they were at the launch of the MAC Archies Collection last night and I knew it was time.

I’ve already watched so many youtubes video on the collection itself I knew the names of the cosmetics I wanted to get off heart and to actually see it in store made me so much happier because the colors were so gorgeous!

Of course due to the price of MAC makeup in Malaysia, I couldn’t get EVERYTHING so I had to pick the particular ones that I knew I was gonna use so I can justify the price of it.
Ended up purchasing 3 of the lipsticks. I guess growing up I was always team Veronica for some reason, Betty just wasn’t really my cup of tea and plus Veronica has clothes to die for. Kinda explains why most of the items I purchased were all from Veronica’s collection. I have to say that I absolutely adore the lipglosses for this collection but I’m really not one to actually apply on lipglosses all time so I couldn’t justify the purchase at all=( ah well.
SO here are the items, the packaging is so cute! Love everything about it!

Prom Princess,

Such a beautiful color blush, I initially thought it was something similar to the Gentle Blush by MAC but this is a matte blush so it’s much easier to wear and the color is just oh so pretty. MAC describes it as a midtone pink berry blush and I couldn’t agree any less. Satin finish, extremely pigmented so a lil goes a long long way.

here’s a swatch of it. see how pigmented the colors are!

Then to the items that I have been pretty much dreaming about.
From Left to Right
Ronnies Red, Daddy little girl and Betty Bright

Here are the swatches to it.

I personally thought the lipsticks are of a amazing formulation.
Ronnie Red is a matte finish
Daddy’s Little Girl and Betty Bright in Satin

The lipsticks are very very pigmented so you only have to apply once for each lipstick(the ones I purchased) and you’ll be able to see the color. These three colors I thought are so complimenting to the asian skintones.Ronnies red is a very interesting color, It’s almost like a dark pink red and it just looks so so good for a night out! Betty Bright on the other hand is a very bright pale coral.  Daddy’s little girl would have to be my absolute fav out of these 3 lipsticks, it’s like a barbie pink but much darker of a tone and the color is just aaaaaaah.

Swatches on my lips
Top: Ronnies Red, Betty Bright
Bottom: Daddy’s Little Girl

I wished they made this a permanent collection because I’d know I’d be so disappointed when they discontinue these colors=(

anyways just to end the post, here’s my outfit of the day.
Usually my lazy outfit. Whenever I can’t think of what to wear, it’s always a lacetop with a skirt. Perfect for nearly any occasion whether it’s to go to work, meetings or just hanging around uni or the malls.
I particularly love the detailing on the lace top, It’s so intricate and how it the lace dangles just gives the top so much dimension. Saves the trouble of accessorizing and a simple skirt would pretty much complete the look. It is however a sheer top so I had to wear another layer beneath it.

Top: My mom’s
Inner layer: MNG
Skirt: Random shop online
Heels: Nose

So what are your thoughts? Anyone else purchasing the Archie’s Collection from MAC?

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