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Last night was a very special night, I braved the KL traffic all happy and willingly, only cause I was invited to attend one of (in my opinion) the best combination of events ever. Shall I give you a hint? Yup, It an event with the combination of ice cream and fashion!
I will have to say though the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, took me slightly just below one hour to reach my destination(all thanks to Waze!) Roads were a little congested once I hit KL but it was just a short distance I couldn’t really complain about it, I did manage to grab a photo of the traffic =p
So since Melissa was already there(I have no idea how she managed to arrive so early given the traffic!)  we decided to do a lil catching up, been so long since I last met her, with work and different schedule, it’s just so difficult to find time =( She’s still looking extremely gorgeous.

Ok, I’m gonna admit here, I’m a complete ice cream addict. I have this theory where I think ice cream is the solution to all problem(of course it would only work in my world) and that even during the worst days ice cream can just never fail to make me happy again. Magnum ice cream is def one of those ice cream I crave if having a bad day.Was absolutely upset because I missed the previous events(launching of the 2 new flavours, you can go to Karmun’s or Zana blog for more details) and because of that I told myself that if I were ever to be invited for another Magnum event, I’d pretty much drop everything i have just to attend it,

Headed over to the 2nd floor and first thing we saw when the lifts opened was just the huge gold M word and brown color logos and items all around the place.

So with nearly every event, there’s a dresscode. Magnum has their dresscode “Cocktail” and this is perhaps one of the most difficult theme I think they could set for any event. I mean I understand there’s a broad selection to the clothes you could wear under this theme but in my case,most my clothes were either formal or toooo casual. Finally decided on a dress so here we go,
Dress:some random shop online
Accessories: Mixmotto(Absolutely adore these earrings and necklaces)

Shortly after Karmun and all arrived with her huge camera and flash so we just couldn’t pass off another photo opp could we.(photo credit to Karmun)

I Love this photo.The best thing about attending events with the people you really care for is that you get so much chances for photo opportunity and they make the best photos for printouts.

With Melissa and Diana

After heaps of rounds of ice cream, my tummy was already thanking me for all the ice cream I’ve had. I could always workout after but seriously, how often will you get free flow ice cream?
And when it was about time, we headed over into the meeting room?  for the fashion show.The room was a lot colder than expected for the chocolate fashion show so I was glad that I brought an extra cardigan to keep myself warm. Found us some seats at the 3rd row and we started camera trigger happy again.
With the super pretty Zana

check out our lips =D

and just when I was about to settle down for the fashion show, Don came around and told us about these ice cream counters where you could customize the toppings you wanted and that we could always head over to the counter when the fashion show ended. So for the next few minutes these were the things that went through my mind

“ I could wait and go after the show”
“But it’s ice cream,and I could customise my toppings”
“Ah screw’s ice cream man”

Ended up with the dried cranberries, chocopuff and choco flakes selection coz I don’t like nuts. Perhaps  because you had to coat the chocolate yourself, the chocolate coating wasn’t as hard as it usually is when you purchase the Magnum icecream from your typical resellers. These tasted so amazing(I’m thinking coz of the cranberries) but the chewy-ness of the ice cream was just ahhh so good!

Heres our beautiful emcee for the night.

And let the fashion show begin!
Jovian Mandagie is a name I’m not at all familiar with, but just watching this fashion show was enough to make me fall in love with his designs. All the dresses were intricate.Laces, sparkly items and long flowy dresses was enough to make me swoon! And if that’s not enough, each model were wearing a piece of chocolate designed accessories that were specially design for this very event.

Check out the bottom left picture on top^ Chocolate heels man!

All these while I never knew it could be possible to actually wear chocolate as a fashion statement so I was just so blown away throughout the event! We were seated at the 3rd row but the intricacy of the pieces were just,WOW.

Then to the highlight of the night, in conjunction to the new flavours, they’ve made 2 special pieces just for their new flavours “Chocolate Brownie” and “Chocolate Strawberry”.
Left to right: Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Strawberry

By the end of the fashion show the only words I could say was just wow and oh wow.

and to finish off the fashion show, they had these 2 chocolate made mannequins for display. These if you are interested, can be found in Gardens for a little as display.

So what do you do after a fashion show? More ice cream of course!

Like you seriously can resist

And when we were all well fed with ice cream, we were given goodiebags to bring more ice cream home!

Best.night.EVER, and what a way to start the weekend!
Have a great night guys!

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