Vanity Trove, March edition

So just slightly a week ago, if you’ve followed me on my facebook page, would know that I got my March edition Vanity Trove box.

I was highly looking forward to it because well, it was a very seductive theme(Temptress) and the brochure they had for the month of March had this really pretty lady with an amaazing dark lip color. I’m all about packaging so with a pretty theme, it was ever such a pleasant surprise when VanityTrove decide to give me another box for a blogpost review.

SO anyways, here are the items.

The beautiful brochure that got me all hooked. Look at those lips man. SO so so seductive!

The insides.

Ok, and here’s the items. Lunasol foundation

I’ve blogged about this I believe. I’ve got their liquid foundation and I absolutely love the foundation. It has an amazing coverage so it really does leave your skin looking extremely flawless and perfect. It is however quite a drying foundation so if you do have dry skin I would say to def try it out before actually purchasing the product but if not, it’s a brilliant foundation that really does help control those oily skin.

TT Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask

One of the very amazing facemask brand in the market. According to the website, this is a facemask that is sold in the Burj Al-Arab(you can read about the place from my Dubai Trip), the only self proclaimed 7-star hotel(because there’s really no such thing as a 7 star) in the world.  Of course if the place was such an exclusive place, the items that are sold there would have to be at least in a way or another one of the best.

and the other samples that I got from the boxes.

Asian potion sample, bio essence eyecream, lunasol makeup base and Sensiplus skincare samples. 

What I thought of the box?
To be honest I’m disappointed, not only they had nothing I thought was in common to the theme but the items were all in sample size(you can’t give sample size mask). Yes, the brands that was given to us as a sample size were all branded but I don’t know. Sample size to me just don’t cut it. I personally believe that you should never need to pay for sample as they are sachets for you to bring home to test whether you really like the product before purchasing it. I would have been much happier if it was in a travel size pack but this months box just didn’t work for me at all. I didn’t’ think the items they gave was really relevant to the theme either because I don’t see anything that kinda could “tempt”
Really hope it’s a technical error because I really like the whole concept of VanityTrove; friendly staff, good service and prestigious brands in a box.

Anyways, that said I’m still looking forward to receiving my next box. Ive seen their April sneak preview and it does look really good.

There’s always something about Summer that I love, summer skin glow summer skin tan and ah those pretty summer dresses. Just absolutely adore summer.
So yup, you’ve got me again so I’m really looking forward to their summer edition!

So I’m gonna end this post with an outfit of the day photos.
Cardigan: Wheels&Doll Baby
Necklace: random shop in 1u
Heels: Random shop in Sungai Wang

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