Would you like a cake for RM1?

So an hour till your lunch break? Well I’m sure am hungry so to make life all fair I’m gonna try and make you hungry too!

I’m kinda torn for lunch,I mean, I could have good ol lambshank for lunch. It’s ever so filling and satisfying of a dish. The  tender lamb meat with creamy mash, you just can’t go wrong

Or I could have cabonara. I think the creamy cabonara word is enough to speak for itself

Or just a classic bowl of good traditional spag.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty pumped for lunch. Anyways, I’m quite sure you(esp ladies) would have the same dilemma. I love desserts after a good meal, but often, we are quite concern about the budget we have for that particular lunch. Desserts, esp cakes after a good meal just makes up the perfect combination for a good lunch but usually a price we are quite reluctant to spend for just a lunch.

Sui Ying:hmmm, I smell cake…


Sui Ying: like pretty pretty please?

Well fret not now, for the next 2 weeks Secret Recipe is having an amazing deal! For every 2 main meal purchased from their a la carte menu(for dine in only) you get to have a cake for RM1!!

How awesome right! So I bet the main headache now would be to deciding on which exact cake you’d wanna have for lunch now.
Banana choc cake

or that yummy cheesecake

or something a little more exotic like ze tiramisu?

or maybe, just maybe if you aren’t having any meetings after your lunch you could possibly consider the ever so sinful Durian Durian?

you know you could always reschedule your meeting right, it’s pretty worth it for this slice of ever yummy goodness
Meeting too important? ok, fine what about the extreme choc indulgent?

yup, I sure know what I’m picking for dessert now.

So bring a friend along, because if you are worried about the calories you will be consuming from the cake, you could always share a cake with your friend(that or if you just secretly want to make up for that 2 a la carte main meal quota)
So much choices to pick from you could never be in that dilemma where you can’t find a cake you are craving for! Whether it’s a cake of a smaller slice

or if you are like me, would rather screw your diets(I mean we do need quite alot of energy for that gym session after, so why not a cake right?)

muahaha you know, I quite clearly remember they having a saying that goes something like this
“When life is tough, have a cake”

So yeah, behold, the all mighty solution for a bad day.

So yes, if you didn’t read anything above, here’s pretty much a summary for it. Order 2 main meals and get a cake for the price of RM1! so if I were you I’d start finding the people around me to go to Secret Recipe for lunch..hmm maybe I should blackmail them into it.. Desperate measures for desperate times right?

So there, start planning your way so you could have a yummy cake(just don’t tell your friend it’s my idea )

So to end the post, here’s my OOTD for our food review the other day.
Jacket: Random Shop from Kenaga
Necklace:Random Shop
Bag and Shorts: Un-masqued.com
Heels: Kiss& Tell


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