Midweek temptation.

Hello again,
We are at the midweek point now! 2 more days to go and it will be the weekend again and then by the end of the week we will also be in the middle of March! Purchased ton of contact lenses

Don’t worry I have yet gone crazy(yet yet). They were on sale and for 10 pairs they were about RM200 and I thougth they were such a steal. My dad’s skeptical though, he says that they might me expired or something but I checked, says expiration is at 201511 at the back so figured that’s pretty legit?

So as you might have known, the march Vanity Temptress has the by far most interesting brochure. A seductive lady with sexy lips, and if you know me personally you would know that I have a crazy, crazy obsession for lipsticks. Decided to try recreating the look and here are the results!

Personally I felt that it was slighly easier to recreate the look because well, the brochure is mostly in black and white
and since I couldn’t figure out the eyeshadow color, I decided to just go with basic brown

VAmpire lips!

I have to admit though that I did quite cheat on the hair bit. My hair’s so short I just had to tie it up and curl whatever that’s left that couldn’t be tied up with a straightener. The headband I had on was the closest I could find to what she had on her hair, and just ignore that floral pin at the back of my hair because that’s pretty much the only pin I have at the moment(haven’t had long hair for way too long now!)

and if you are keen, here’s the tutorial for the look, very simple, just do a basic foundation routine if you fancy(I skipped that part) and the rest shouldn’t take too long of a time to recreate.

and here’s an outfit photo I took the other day. Was the same day as when I actually bought the bright pink lipstick. My mom was the one who actually bought the denim skirt for me, 8 years back!! but I was never skinny enough to fit into the skirt so it has always just kinda been sitting in my closet hoping to be worn.
The skirt is really high waisted so I decided to go quite simple on the top this time round just because I didn’t want too much attention when doing my errands but I just couldn’t resist adding a necklace to finish off the look.

so here’s a closer picture of the lipstick color. The color actually looks quite true to the lipstick color in real life though this photo is much photoshopped. Not usually a color I would go for because it’s so bright and barbie but I ended up really liking the color!

and just a quick nail tutorial if you are up for some lil DIY designs for the nails to kickaway those midweek blues.

So what say you about the lipcolor? yay or nay? Leave a comment below!

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