One more day till TGIF!

WHYY oh WHYY is it raining again?
I dislike the rain, granted it makes the unbearable temperature much more bearable but I just don’t like the idea of the rain..maybe a little during when I’m indoors? nah still don’t like it.

Well yesterday(it was raining again too) so I decided to sit back and put on a facemask that was given to me in the March Vanity Trove Box.

The Timeless Truth Face Mask

A little information about this facemask. Apparently it’s sold in Burj Al Arab, one of the most exclusive and expensive hotel ever. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much out of this facemask, only coz I don’t usually like applying sheet mask and well I’ve got plenty other facemask to use. This is until one of my beauty blogger friend was highly praising the facemask and insisted I gave it a try, so I did, instead of reaching for my usual facemask, I decided to give this a try.

The face mask was a little tricky to apply on, that and also I still had my fake eyelashes extensions on so it made applying it properly a little more trickier.

Stretchy material, so you don’t have to worry it might not fit and I adore the hooked on to the ears design

What made this more interesting was that it has this lil thing where you could also apply facemask on your neck and then hooking the ends to your ears again. This I believe helps lifting your face muscle giving you a thinner and slimmer face!

Here’s a photo of me, no makeup after the mask! Love the aftermaths!

anywyas, an outfit of the day to end the post. I know it’s not really an outfit of today persay but hey an outfit is an outfit right?

Crop Top: Topshop
Belt: H and M (can’t seem to insert the ampersand symbol without it coming all weird)
Dress: Random Shop in Bangkok
Heels: Kiss and Tell

The dress is actually a very basic black dress that I wear at home on most days. To just wear it out feels a little underdress so I decided to add a crop top to add colors to the whole outfit. Of course I couldn’t miss adding the orange belt I bought the other day.

Love these heels, so so comfortable and they are always such elegant looking heels.

and that’s it! Do leave a comment if you’ve tried the TT facemask because I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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