Quiet weekend

So let’s see, I’ve completely missed FMFA this time round because of some other commitments, still all good because catching up with the gang always gives us chance to tell eachother how our weekend was.
Different stories and different adventures, always good fun.

After running some errands on Saturday, I thought hey we still had some time before our next appointment, we(or rather I) decided to go shoe shopping. Zana previously mentioned Aldo was having some 2 for RM300 sale for their boots and since the shop in 1Utama was now down for renovation, I haven’t had a chance to visit the store since she mentioned it.

Still all good, went to the outlet in Gardens and did a little damage.
Pretty good deal if you asked me, original price of these red babies were RM690 but after the discount and what not it was approx RM150.

Have always been skeptical about these kinda shoes. I mean by the looks of it, it doesn’t look anywhere near comfortable to wear and if anything I feel like I’d fall in them within minutes of wearing it.
Decided to give them a shot anyways and to my surprise(always the case right) they were surprisingly easy to walk, somewhat like wearing wedges. I’d say they are def much more comfy than wearing stilettos because they do give much more support. Think it must have been the design of the shoe to give that impression that they are impossible to walk in.

Today was just, apartment viewing, and more errands to catch up with. I’m barely done with my list but it seems like the day’s about to end so I decided to come home and rest instead and catch a little more of the evening light before the day ends.
Was for some reason craving for Portuguese egg tarts particularly much today, but AHHH we went to KFC, and this dimsum shop in Kota Damansara and still could not find any egg tarts=( Gave up eventually so I decided to satisfy my craving for these instead

Don’t know how they taste yet because after my lil photography session with them I decided I wasn’t craving for anything anymore so I guess I’ll save them for supper later.

oh oh oh,and just one lil thing that really made me happy throughout the week..
My hair’s long enough for me to pin em all up now!
yes yes, I know it might seem a lil insignificant for some of you but it really means heaps to me coz I haven’t had hair long enough for me to tie up for nearly 10 months now!
And another outfit of the day to end today’s post.

Top:Random Shop in Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Skirt: Some shop in Paradigm Mall
Belt: my mom’s
Flats: Pretty Fit, Singapore

Super loving this oriental looking top I bought from Bangkok.Love the print,the texture of the top and the price of the top(was less than RM30).

Always love pairing outfits with a wide belt because it always always gives an illusion of a smaller waist=D

Can never get over these flats, they are soo pretty!

and that’s pretty much it for my weekend. How was yours?

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