Quick eyebrow tute with Kiss Me

Eyebrows, Always a difficult one. I mean you could either get it right, or screw it up =.=

I’ve always preferred a strong brow look, maybe to make up what I lack naturally. So when I got these brow pencil and tint in a lighter shade, it was ever such a challenge for me. The colors turned out way better than I thought it would to be honest, the lighter color gave me a much softer look and if anything I was def happy to accept the browner eyebrow look(I usually go jet black)

So anyways, here’s my video, please do hit the like button if you’ve enjoyed it because it would mean so much to me=D

Oh oh oh, and since we’ve got our place, was thinking of repainting the workroom wall to colors of similar sort

Kinda wanted something more pastel-ish, watcha think? Yay or Nay?

and to end the post as per usual.
Top: Dreamscape
Bottom: Random Shop from Bangkok
Headband: Diva
Heels: Steve Madden

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