Let’s see, when mentioned Hennessy, the things that comes to my mind is
Awesome parties
and super loads of fun.

My last 2 experience with Hennessy has been nothing but awesome company, drinks and memories
Let us walk down the memory lane for a little bit shall we?

(click here and here if you’d like to read my previous 2 experience with them)
Of course in both events I’ve finished the night particularly tipsier(no surprises since we were drinking the world’s most loved cognac here) but the memories and stories that night is still talked and mentioned amongst me and my group of friends.

So last night, I received an invite(All thanks to Don) for the launching of the Hennessy V.S.O.P KYRIOS(the 3rd edition of the Hennessy V.S.O.P’s Privilege Collection). Apart from being all excited and already planning to what to wear, I was kinda curious to what the event was about so I started reading the press release.

Now I’m generally quite bad with alcohol bottle names, so usually the bottle packaging will play a super important role to how I describe a bottle. I mean given I’ll remember the particular brand, but when it comes to the exact name for that particular edition, I usually would describe it as “pretty looking” “sleek and long”, you get the drift. This is of course unless the bottle is exceptionally pretty, and I’ll remember the name just because I really really like it

Behold, I present you this

I’m not even at the event yet and I already want the bottle=.= IT’S SOOOO PRETTY! I’m a sucker for packaging but of course when buying alcohol,a good majority of the people would be more concern of the alcohol itself but come on man, it’s Hennessy, you just can’t go wrong with Hennessy’s cognac.

So a little more about the message they are getting across to is to “Guard Your Codes while Pursuing Your Dreams”

So don’t miss out on the party!
Who’s spinning?
Mr Nasty and Guru Guru, B.A.T.E and DJ cookie from Taiwan will be taking the deck so def don’t miss htis night out!
How to get tickets? Well def check out this link here:
and make sure you like Hennessy V.S.O.P Facebook to be kept updated at:

neways gonna end this post with this pic, not gonna elaborate because this is quite a long post already

See you at the Hennessy Party on THURSDAY!!

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