Urban Decay Glinda Eyeshadow Palette

I never knew not having wifi at home could cause so much havoc.
So the day before yesterday, just pass about 11PM my home wifi decided to die on us. I initially thought it was a “quick” thing and that the internet would fix itself within max an hour. Went to bed without thinking much but when I woke up in the morning, the internet was still not working.
OK so now that’s trouble. You’d prolly think hey, you know it can’t be that bad, you still have your phone or if not worst case scenario you could always tether your mobile internet to your computer right
So not the case, well it’s actually self inflicted because I decide I didn’t wanna pay my Maxis bill too early(Was upset at Maxis, long story) and maxis being maxis has this ridiculous charge when you exceed their internet quota.
So by noon time I was already so frustrated with my home wifi, I felt like my world has gone haywire for not having internet for less than 12 hours(talk about drama -.- ). Couldn’t stand the situation anymore and I texted Nate saying
” I hope you have a solution to fix the wifi at home later when you get home, either that or you could buy me ice cream..moo cow or magnum ice cream works just fine”
Of course the internet didn’t fix itself within the next few hours so I decided to head out to the nearest cafe that had decent wifi connection. By the time I got home, I was so tired I told Nate I didn’t wanna go back to my room yet so we should have dinner at the dining room before I chuck all my work stuff in my room..Didn’t think much of it until Nate casually decided to tell me halfway through dinner that I should go to my room before my ice cream melts completely.


RAN to my room, couldn’t find ice cream but I found this laying on my bed.

My very first Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette!!!(thank you sooo much!)  Think he did such an awesome job on picking the palette!

The palette was inspired by the movie that was aired recently. Here’s the insides of it.

A brochure to help you achieve the look, the eye shadow palette and a lip color. I personally loved how sturdy the eye shadow palette is and love the design of the palette. I’m all for sparkly and bright items so this is a major, major love for me.
To be really honest, I prefer Theodora in the movies but after looking online at the Theodora palette, I was very glad Nate picked this one because the eyeshadow colors in the Theodora palette was a little too matte for my liking.

Let’s start with the lip color.
Glinda- Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

and the swatch

Upon swatching you’ll find that it’s got a very creamy formulation and the color comes off as a very natural pretty lip color. The best way i could possilby describe this color would be that it is a “lip color’ color if that made sense. Extremely wearable in every occasion.

Purple 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil


Not sure whether it’s just me or the purple seem to look quite black on my skin. Also a very creamy formulation but not too sure whether it’d last 24/7 as what it has described. Will do an update about this after a few use.

Ok so now for the more exciting bit, the eyeshadow.

According to the box there are 2 never before seen duo shades in this palette. Hands down my fav shadow color would have to be Aura. Formulation is so so good and pigmented the color just glides onto the skin, now I get why people are so hooked onto their eyeshadows.

You’ll have to excuse my description of the eyeshadow, I try my best, but still not exactly the best when it comes to things like this.
Magic- Pinkish purple eyeshadow.
Aura- The blue-ish(left) color is to die for. I thought it’d come off as a light blue color but it actually reminded me more of a iridescent purple. The cream-ish color is more like a iridescent pink color. Love love love this shadow
Tornado- Dark purple.
South-  Shimmery metal
Oz- My best way to describing it is that it looks like silver and gold eyeshadow because it’s the only thing it reminds me of. Extremely extremely pretty colors.
Illusion-the most “matte”ish color of all eyeshadows, still not matte tho because it is still quite shimmery. Cream color.

First impression of the eyeshadow palette?
LOVE it. Can’t wait to use it!

Anyways, another look to finish the post.
Decided to go a little casual the other day.
Jacket- Wheels and Dollsbaby
Top: H and M
Necklace: Diva
Skirt- My sister’s
Flats- Dorothy Perkins

Almost past midweek now,have a great day guys!

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