How I’ve lost that extra few kgs

When it comes to my weight, I get heaps of question to how I’ve lost weight in the past 1 year.

I wasn’t really overweight to begin with but you know how the camera works, it tends to make you look a little bigger than what you really are in person and I’ve never really liked that. I’m already a small eater to begin with, ask any of my friends and they will tell you I eat like a mouse =.=, so cutting down on food or avoiding a certain type of food just didn’t make much of a sense to me.

Alright before I start, Disclaimer
This is how I’ve lost and maintained my weight. It might not be exactly the healthiest but it works for me, it might also not work for you since everyone is a little different. Also, this will also not work if you do want to tone your body up because losing weight and toning up is a completely different story. I’ve still got a long long way to go to toning up my body but as for my current weight, I’m satisfied and so far these are the methods I’ve used to help me achieve MY ideal weight.

I made a trip to Taiwan about Feb last year and one on of the site tours there was someone selling matcha powder. He claimed that if we took a cup of green tea each day, we’d lose weight by the end of they year, and he guaranteed it. So curious, we bought a few boxes and I started taking them after since.

This is how the powder looks like

Ok, I’m not exactly the person who has time to sit down and make a cup of tea for myself everyday, most time I’ll end up thinking about doing it and then forgetting about it completely. So I went to the pharmacist and bought empty capsules, and filled them up with the green tea powder.

I take about 2-3 capsules a day, each time after meal because it is green tea and there might be a possibility of me getting gastric if I’ve had it before a meal. The amount of green tea you consume is about a equivalent to a full teaspoon, which is about the amount you use for a 400-500ML water if you were to mix the powder with water.
Throughout this period of time I’ve not changed much of my eating or exercising habits.This took a few weeks to see results but I felt that I was much lighter(if it made much sense during my first week)
I will suggest also to not take the green tea at night because it will keep you crazy wide awake =.=

So I took the green tea capsules for about 4 months and then I’ve achieved my weight, was happy so I stop taking it on a everyday basis( I didn’t wanna loose more weight and the green tea was just waaay too much effort to put them in capsules each week)

Now I found another thing that I could alternate with the greentea powder. I got this as a review about 2 weeks back and I’ve been taking them on alternate days. Opinions are my own.

The product is famous for it’s all herbal ingredients, which are all listed here

and the best thing about this product is that it comes already packaged, so less time for preparing the capsules and best thing is that I could happily have this after dinner and not worry about having a night not being able to sleep.

Because it is herbal, the results will def be alot slowly than all the other slimming pills but at least I know if I did stop taking it, my body weight won’t bounce back and if anything it’s also much healthier. I personally feel that these product prolly work much better than my greentea pills LOL coz on the first week of trying I’ve already lost that extra 1 kg which to me was extremely difficult(I was sitting along 45-46KG) because well let’s be honest, I’m not really very big to begin with and if anything I’m already a little underweight, but I would be a little happier if my weight was just slightly below 45kg, which is around the 44-45KG mark.Of course I wasn’t willing to change any of my eating habits because I do love food, so dropping that one extra kg has been pretty difficult for me(this is completely my own opinion bout MY body, not saying it’s healthy or good but I just would rather it be that way)

So there you go, how I’ve lost and maintained my weight in the past year, again this is purely my way of losing weight so it might not work for everyone and this is in no way the healthiest way of losing weight, it just happens to work for me. Of course you’d need to include a healthy diet and also exercising to have a healthier body(which I’m quite sure I’m still far off from that).

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