KYRIOS on a Thursday!

I know I know, I’m sorry, but I was kinda waiting for everyone to post their photos up so I could steal some photos from them!

As you guys know, I was lucky enough to be invited to Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege collection KYRIOS launch the other night at Butter, and if you’ve read my previous blogpost you’d know how excited I am for the event because the bottle just looks absolutely amazing. So yes, what happened last Thursday(I’ve got to say that it’s gonna be a post with heaps and heaps of pictures so def not mobile data friendly!)

Nate was really looking forward to the night. There’s just something about partying on a Thursday night, it’s gotta be a good one, but not a very tipsy one because you still gotta go to work on Thursday but Friday just kinda gives off a very relaxing vibe so why not a good night to invite Friday to the week right?

Typical me trying to take a photo of my eyeshadow of the night. I initially had falsies on but I forgot to trim them to my eye size so it was jabbing me throughout the journey and I couldn’t stand it and had to have them taken off. I do quite regret doing that though because the makeup did seem a little off without the falsies. =.=

Couldn’t resist not taking a photo with Nate. He’s def feeling excited(though he might not look that way, must be from all the workload!)
After a huge confusing turn(Waze brought us to this really old factory instead of Butter Factory)

and of course we couldn’t not take a photo of a tag, it just seems like the procedure you know=p

So just gonna show a few photos of the usual have to take photos when you attend an event(I swear it’s like an unwrtten rule or procedure because looking back at all my photos it’s all the same ol same stuff)

oh and before I forget, credits to Karmun and Jaz for some of the photos!

The rest of the gang came so yay it’s party time

We arrived quite early actually, was good because it meant we could take photos without a gazillion of people being in the photo.That somehow always annoys me.

Nate actually had to take these photos for me because I was just way too short event after wearing heels=.=

After a few drinks, they’ve got some awesome dancers to help us get into the mood and also help officiate the launch of the bottle.

In case you cannot remember how the bottle looks like from the previous post, here’s a another photo of the bottle under UV lights. IT GLOWWWWWWS! Still cannot get over how pretty the bottle is.At that point all I was plotting was how to actually sneak a bottle out because it was just waaaay too pretty(of course it didn’t work =.=)

So gave up plotting, and decided to do more realistic stuff such as taking photos of the awesome people around me.=D

I still laugh so hard when seeing these pictures, I mean how can you not? It’s currently my fav photo of some of my fav people in my life. See that’s the thing about events, you often end up taking photos you’ll appreciate for the rest of the lifes. Sometimes you take photos you’ll never have another chance at because you know how the saying goes, alcohol makes you do cray cray stuff.

like super cray stuff.

Don’t ask, I have no idea how these photo came about either.
ok maybe we should rest on the crazier photos and go back to some photos that are relavent to the launch.
Here’s Don with the bottle, Check out the bottle man!

and you can never ever forget a group picture with the girls=D

Had such an amazing night, all thanks to Hennessy V.S.O.P. Well I know for a sure fact the drinks are always always such yummy and you just cannot go wrong if you wanted a good night when hanging out with these people.

And I’m gonna end the post with this photo

Honestly thanking Nate for all the things he’s willing to do, I mean seriously, partying on a Thursday night will often only result to going home at about 3AM. HAHA, but he’s not once complained or said anything about having to go home early, in fact he was quite a happy man when we decided to drop by for after clubbing supper(or maybe that’s just the alcohol in him that makes him think otherwise=p)

Wanna join us for the next party?
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