The pink things in life, now with alot more functionality too!

So I guess the Note 2 needs no further introduction. I’ve had mine since early Feb and I’ve never been more in love with my phone. Read here if you’d like to know more about the phone *Click here *

Well let’s see, the things I love most and most about the Note 2 by far is
I use my phone too much, if there’s anything call a phone abuse I’d prolly be charged for that. I’m really glad that my phone actually last for a good day unlike my previous phone which will last me for a good 5 hours before it goes flat.
Love what I can do with the phone. Just heaps of options and possibilites that can be done with such a small device
No more eye squinting nonsense. Everything is so big and clear I absolutely adore it=D

Well, there’s just a tiny lil thing that’s been bothering me about the phone
you see, Samsung recently launched the phone in pink. Not just any pink I might add, it’s this awesomely pretty baby pink. All pastel and soft, I just cannot get enough of it!

With a phone like this I seriously doubt you’ll need a cover for it at all. The phone itself already works as a fashion piece. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone.

I’m not exactly the most pink person you could possibly think of I’m sure, in fact I’d label myself as a turquoise baby blue robins egg blue person. That said I”m also not the kinda person who’d reject anything that is pink. As a matter of fact I’ve got quite a few very pink items in my room.

So heck with all those “it’s so girlish and pink” judgement because don’t you think this phone will fit perfectly well in my collection?

Adding pastel colors as such often gives the outfit a very girly vibe. So having a pink phone just cannot do you any wrong. It’s perfect when in photos too.

Just realised my outfit of the day was rather pink too!

The Note 2 is already an awesome phone to begin with and the baby pink version is such an awesome touch
If you require more information don’t hesitate to check out their major stores at

  • Samsung 1 Utama
  • Samsung KLCC
  • Samsung Gardens
  • Samsung Midvalley

or head over to their page to be kept updated with more awesome stuff.

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