Polkadot spring

Spring’s here, well for most countries that is
Staying in Malaysia has kinda made me less excited about the seasons, mainly coz we get the sun all year round.Really does make me miss those days back in Perth where we’d be happy just coz the weather was warming up.

Nuff complaining, I guess staying in Malaysia isn’t gonna make me stop loving spring. Let’s see what are the items I’ve got that kinda makes Spring a little more interesting shall we?
I love candles, I cannot get enough of them and if anything I’ve got at least about 8 candles sitting happily on my shelves. Found that I’ve been reaching out most for a very fresh fruity scent these few days around and my current fav would have to be this.

I’ve always loved the scent of pears and there’s just something about the pink candle that makes me love it even more. Love this,would def recommend it to anyone who loves a very fresh and sweet scent.

Of course I had to swap my body lotion around since the weather’s changed.I absolutely adore the body lotion from Crabtree and Evelyn,esp in the pomegranate range. I’ve got nearly all their skincare series as well as their candle in this scent. Major major loves.

Well spring is about fun and pastel colors(well in my opinion of course) and you just cannot go wrong with these lipglosses. Beautiful colors, amazing pigmentation.
Heavy Rotation, NYX,MAC

and of course this Shu Uemura bag I drew(fine, I got Sarah to help me with parts of it). Nothing beats DIY projects during the spring season right!)

Cropped tops. I mean, it’s pretty self explanatory=D

and last but not least, a spring fragrance, I guess it would be much recommended if you’ve got a more refreshing and light scent for this season. Loving the trio combo’s frangrances I’ve got here.

Guess that’s pretty much all the things I’ve got now that really helps me get into the Spring season mood, what’s yours?
OOTD to end the post
Cropped top from Topshop
Skirt from Forever 21

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