JW.Glenmorangie Makeup. GoodFriday

I honestly feel like I’m running around like a headless chicken.
I know you are prolly sick about me complaining about the lack of time but seriously how can you not! I mean I appreciate the fact that I’m reallly busy(in fact I’m quite enjoying it) but sometimes I’m just baffled at how quickly time passes!
I honestly secretly thinks that there’s this time stealing elf somewhere around!
Just about finish work but would like to quickly update about a few events that I haven’t mentioned in the past week. I seriously think if I don’t mention it now, I might not have the chance as it might get backdated and it might just be old news!

So was soo soo soo lucky to be invited to Johnnie Walker this year, I’ve always loved Johnnie Walker events but well due to obvious reasons(not popular enough haha!) to get my own invites. So fortunately for me, Leng Yein was giving out passes and me and Nate was so fortunate ever to score our passes to enter the event(and thank you Manoah too!) The events they throw are always the classiest and the most anticipated events of the year!
So enough talking, more pictures shall we!(I’m actually running out of time because I’m about to head out now so I’m so so so so so sorry for the lack of description for some words!
The best events are often the ones where I’ve attended with the most awesome people I know in my life!

Nate was rather tipsy by the time we took this shot HAH

and of course who could forget these 2 beautiful ladies! Meet Charissa and Julie!

and my ever long time magician buddy Andrew. Looking good yo!

Then last night was a night for Glemorangie, I learnt one new thing, that when people wear kilts in Scotland(the traditional way), they dont wear anything beneath it(eeks!!)
Anyways, was feeling a little adventurous so I decided to pin my hair to the side(yes it’s finally long enough for me to do so!)

My eyemakeup! So so easy to achieve the look!

amd here’s a closer look of the whole makeup(of course this was before I changed into my dress for the event)

and I just couldnt’ resist editing the photo.

So it’s Good Friday today. Good, cause the events that took place  about a 2 millenium ago on this day proves that we matter to God.

Have a smashing Easter week guys. God Bless!

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