April, not so much of a foolish month=D

Why hello beautiful people!
It’s April now, I hope you didn’t get too much of April fool’s prank!

So first off let’s greet April with a picture,

ok shush I know it’s not the best artwork but hey, I tried hard and I seriously ain’t photoshop material haha
Got the fake flowers ages ago and thought it’d fit right into the April Spring theme

Last Saturday, all thanks to Manoah’s and Vanity Trove’s invite, I attended their blogger get together high tea session at the Vault at Glomac center. This was pretty cool because not only did we manage to get a first glance at the April edition box, the people at Vanity Trove actually sat us down and had a talk about how they could improve their boxes(amazing effort if you ask me). They also have this nice lil nail session at one corner of the restaurant that allowed us female bloggers to get our nails done. Well you all would know I’m in love with nail polishes and anything to do with manicures so hey, I just couldn’t resist getting my nails done either! Finally picked out the Zoya’s Pixie Dust edition in mint green.

Interesting texture, the nail polishes are pretty much like a rough surface which gets really addictive to touch after a little while. Pretty much spent my whole weekend staring at my nails because they were just so pretty and the mint green color was just a very nice touch for any spring themed outfits. wokays so enough about the talk, I bet you’d be pretty excited about what’s in the box this month right?

So I’m gonna start a little of a routine now, here’s my March fav video+April Vanity Trove unboxing!

Still much to learn when it comes to editing but for now I’m quite enjoying the process, do hit the subscribe button for more videos!

Anyways, here’s as promised, here’s a more in depth description for Vanity Trove’s box
The box at first glance, looks pretty good ey. To be really honest I’m actually really impressed with this month’s box! They have a couple of full size products which is always a yay and the items are def something I’d purchase if I were to see it in a shop just because it looks so pretty!

ok this is perhaps the item that got me SUPER excited(I’m such a nail addict). I’ve never really got into the whole nail sticker thing because often cost so expensive for about 20 applications. They are suppose to last much longer than your normal nail polishes too because they obviously won’t chip so they are def a good investment if you love nail polishes but often have other commitments that will result your nail polishes to chip after a good day of work

Don’t you just love the blue polkadots? Well I sure am in loveeee
ok, then we’ve also got Orik’s sample, well this is pretty cool because the sample size is actually quite decent considering they gave 3 sachets of it!

and another sample size to try out Clarin’s white plus

and I’m pretty excited to try out this kila doll mask from them. The last mask I got was the Timeless Truth mask and that was perhaps one of my fav mask! Can’t wait to see how this competes!

The last item would have to be the Kate’s eyeshadow.
Another full size item, I’m really impressed. I love the first glance of the product(mainly cause it had my fav rose gold color) but upon swatching, I totally fell inlove with the product!

The product is a powder base product but it feels so so so creamy upon swatching. Rather pigmented if you ask me but I’m not so sure about the lasting power so I’m gonna give it a shot and see whether I’d like it in a couple of days and then get back to you guys about it

Yes I know it’s a sponsored box but comments are still my own.I’m very impressed with the box items this month, not only they had 3 full sized items but the items are all something that I would purchase when actually checking it out from the counter.
IF you need to know anything more about the product make sure you click onto https://www.vanitytrove.com/my
Incase you didn’t know they’ve also recently drop their prices on the box so it’s more affordable now!
or if you could see the logo on my side bar? Click on that (pretty please) and it will also lead you to the website itself

And as per usual, to finish the blogpost off, here’s my OOTD
Headband: Paradigm Mall
Top: Sportsgirl
Pants: Unmasqued.com
Heels: Aldo

Wanted the headband to be the focus of the whole look so I decided to keep everything else very minimal.

Love the detailing of it, Have to really practice on how to actually wear it properly though. That’s the thing about purchasing something off a mannequin, you will never know whether you can recreate the same look!

Super comfy heels from Aldo. I know they look crazily intimidating but trust me these are perhaps one of the most stable heels I’ve worn! Crazy right!

And that’s it for today. Thanks for reading yo and have a very happy April!

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